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Wildfowl 46 A case of polygyny in the Eurasian Wigeon Anas penelope Abstract   PDF
Odd W Jacobsen, Morten Ugelvik
Wildfowl 35 A census of the Icelandic Whooper Swan population Abstract   PDF
Arnthor Gardarsson, Kristinn H Skarphedisson
Wildfowl 45 A change of moulting site for Mute Swans Cygnus olor in Gloucestershire Abstract   PDF
Karen Ryley, Jonathan M Bowler
The Wildfowl Trust Twelfth Annual Report A cheap form of semi-permanent binding for journals Abstract   PDF
G V T Matthews
Wildfowl 61 A comparison of behaviour and habitat use by Bewick Abstract   PDF
Cong Peihao, Eileen C Rees, Sun Meng Meng, Zhao Meijuan, Cao Lei, Mark Barter, Anthony D Fox
Wildfowl 32 A comparison of pursuit flights by six North American ducks of the genus Anas Abstract   PDF
Rodger D Titman, Norman R Seymour
Wildfowl 24 A continental study of Whistling Swans using neck collars Abstract   PDF
William J L Sladen
Wildfowl 24 A cosmopolitan duck moulting resort; Takslesluk Lake Alaska Abstract   PDF
James G King
The Wildfowl Trust Twelfth Annual Report A curious nest site of a Mute Swan Abstract   PDF
Elizabeth A Garden
Wildfowl 48 A description of the Madagascar Teal Anas bernieri and an examination of its relationships with the Grey Teal A. gracilis Abstract   PDF
H Glyn Young, Michael D Sorenson, Kevin P Johnson
The Wildfowl Trust Eighth Annual Report A flying visit to Delta Waterfowl Research Station Abstract   PDF
G V T Matthews
Wildfowl 27 A function of the pairbond in the Common Eider Abstract   PDF
Ruth E Ashcroft
The Wildfowl Trust Eighth Annual Report A glossary for goose-netters Abstract   PDF
H G Brownlow, E A Maxwell
The Wildfowl Trust Tenth Annual Report A goose-watching visit to northern Iceland Abstract   PDF
Robert Gillmor, N G Blurton Jones
The Wildfowl Trust Thirteenth Annual Report A gravel-pit wildfowl reserve Abstract   PDF
Jeffery Harrison, Peter Olney
The Wildfowl Trust Twelfth Annual Report A Greylay family homing on foot Abstract   PDF
G L Reid
Wildfowl 47 A history of wildfowl counts by The Wildfowl & Wetlands Trust Abstract   PDF
P A Cranswick, J S Kirby, D G Salmon, G L Atkinson-Willes, M S Pollitt, M Owen
Wildfowl 46 A key to ageing goslings of the Hawaiian Goose Branta sandvicensis Abstract   PDF
Janet M Hunter
Wildfowl 28 A laboratory study of individual recognition using Bewick's Swan bill patterns Abstract   PDF
John Brown, Vivien Lewis
Wildfowl 39 A late summer survey of Britain's wildfowl Abstract   PDF
D G Salmon
Wildfowl 69 A leg-hold noose capture method for Brent Geese Branta bernicla at staging or wintering sites Abstract   PDF
Yusuke Sawa, Chieko Tamura, Toshio Ikeuchi, Kaoru Fujii, Aisa Ishioroshi, Tetsuo Shimada, David Ward
Wildfowl 35 A lunar rhythm in the nocturnal foraging activities of wintering Barnacle Geese Abstract   PDF
R C Ydenberg, H H Th Prins, J. van Dijk
Wildfowl 62 A merganser at Auckland Islands, New Zealand Abstract   PDF
Murray Williams
Wildfowl 26 A method of sexing Moorhens Abstract   PDF
A Anderson
Wildfowl 24 A moulting population of non-breeding Mute Swans with special reference to flight-feather moult, feeding ecology and habitat selection Abstract   PDF
Sven Mathiasson
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