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Wildfowl 35 A census of the Icelandic Whooper Swan population Abstract   PDF
Arnthor Gardarsson, Kristinn H Skarphedisson
Wildfowl 45 A change of moulting site for Mute Swans Cygnus olor in Gloucestershire Abstract   PDF
Karen Ryley, Jonathan M Bowler
The Wildfowl Trust Twelfth Annual Report A cheap form of semi-permanent binding for journals Abstract   PDF
G V T Matthews
Wildfowl 61 A comparison of behaviour and habitat use by Bewick Abstract   PDF
Cong Peihao, Eileen C Rees, Sun Meng Meng, Zhao Meijuan, Cao Lei, Mark Barter, Anthony D Fox
Wildfowl 32 A comparison of pursuit flights by six North American ducks of the genus Anas Abstract   PDF
Rodger D Titman, Norman R Seymour
Wildfowl 24 A continental study of Whistling Swans using neck collars Abstract   PDF
William J L Sladen
Wildfowl 24 A cosmopolitan duck moulting resort; Takslesluk Lake Alaska Abstract   PDF
James G King
The Wildfowl Trust Twelfth Annual Report A curious nest site of a Mute Swan Abstract   PDF
Elizabeth A Garden
Wildfowl 48 A description of the Madagascar Teal Anas bernieri and an examination of its relationships with the Grey Teal A. gracilis Abstract   PDF
H Glyn Young, Michael D Sorenson, Kevin P Johnson
The Wildfowl Trust Eighth Annual Report A flying visit to Delta Waterfowl Research Station Abstract   PDF
G V T Matthews
Wildfowl 27 A function of the pairbond in the Common Eider Abstract   PDF
Ruth E Ashcroft
The Wildfowl Trust Eighth Annual Report A glossary for goose-netters Abstract   PDF
H G Brownlow, E A Maxwell
The Wildfowl Trust Tenth Annual Report A goose-watching visit to northern Iceland Abstract   PDF
Robert Gillmor, N G Blurton Jones
The Wildfowl Trust Thirteenth Annual Report A gravel-pit wildfowl reserve Abstract   PDF
Jeffery Harrison, Peter Olney
The Wildfowl Trust Twelfth Annual Report A Greylay family homing on foot Abstract   PDF
G L Reid
Wildfowl 47 A history of wildfowl counts by The Wildfowl & Wetlands Trust Abstract   PDF
P A Cranswick, J S Kirby, D G Salmon, G L Atkinson-Willes, M S Pollitt, M Owen
Wildfowl 46 A key to ageing goslings of the Hawaiian Goose Branta sandvicensis Abstract   PDF
Janet M Hunter
Wildfowl 28 A laboratory study of individual recognition using Bewick's Swan bill patterns Abstract   PDF
John Brown, Vivien Lewis
Wildfowl 39 A late summer survey of Britain's wildfowl Abstract   PDF
D G Salmon
Wildfowl 35 A lunar rhythm in the nocturnal foraging activities of wintering Barnacle Geese Abstract   PDF
R C Ydenberg, H H Th Prins, J. van Dijk
Wildfowl 62 A merganser at Auckland Islands, New Zealand Abstract   PDF
Murray Williams
Wildfowl 26 A method of sexing Moorhens Abstract   PDF
A Anderson
Wildfowl 24 A moulting population of non-breeding Mute Swans with special reference to flight-feather moult, feeding ecology and habitat selection Abstract   PDF
Sven Mathiasson
The Wildfowl Trust Fifteenth Annual Report A nesting study of Mallard in Berkeley New Decoy, Slimbridge Abstract   PDF
M A Ogilvie
Wildfowl 29 A note on the food consumption of the Red-breasted Merganser Abstract   PDF
K M Atkinson, D P Hewitt
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