Wildfowl 35

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Front Matter

Front Matter PDF


Escape from mediocrity: a new approach to American waterfowl hunting regulations PDF
John Lynch 5-13
Distribution and abundance of Tule Geese in California and southern Oregon PDF
Michael L Wege 14-20
The structure and behaviour of the Whooper Swan population wintering at Caerlaverock, Dumfries and Galloway, Scotland: an introductory study PDF
Jeffrey M Black, Eileen C Rees 21-36
A census of the Icelandic Whooper Swan population PDF
Arnthor Gardarsson, Kristinn H Skarphedisson 37-47
Numbers, composition and distribution of populations of Anatidae wintering in West Africa PDF
F Roux, G Jarry 48-60
Characteristics of wetlands used by migrant dabbling ducks in Oklahoma, USA PDF
Mickey E Heitmeyer, Paul A, Jr Vohs 61-70
The impact of hard winters on waterfowl populations of south Sweden PDF
Leif Nilsson 71-80
'Nonsense' orientation in Mallard; a resum and an investigation of the mechanism of a sun-compass PDF
G V T Matthews 81-92
A lunar rhythm in the nocturnal foraging activities of wintering Barnacle Geese PDF
R C Ydenberg, H H Th Prins, J. van Dijk 93-96
The role of digestibility in the selection of spring feeding sites by Brent Geese PDF
T Boudewijn 97-105
The El Kala wetlands of Algeria and their use by waterfowl PDF
J Skinner, M Smart 106-118
Winter feeding of the Crane in cereal farmland at Gallocanta, Spain PDF
Juan C Alonso, Juan C Alonso, Jos Veiga 119-131
Dominance in wintering Anatinae: potential effects on clutch size and time of nesting PDF
Gary R Hepp 132-134
Feeding convergence of Gadwall, Coot and other herbivorous waterfowl species wintering in the Camargue: a preliminary approach PDF
Laurent Allouche, Alain Tamisier 135-142
Activity of Black Ducks nesting along streams in northeastern Nova Scotia PDF
Norman R Seymour 143-150
Clutch predation in relation to nest density in Mallard and Tufted Duck PDF
David A Hill 151-156
Breeding waterfowl on British inland waters in 1980 PDF
C H Tuite, Myrfyn Owen 157-172
A simple device for determination of incubation stages in eggs PDF
Aad G van Paassen, Dick H Veldman, Albert J Beintema 173-178


Numbers of swans and ducks in Britain, 1982-83 PDF
Numbers of geese in Britain and Ireland, 1983-84 PDF
Ringing by the Wildfowl Trust, 1983 PDF
Wildfowl Trust avicultural report, 1983 PDF
Publications, 1983, by or with the assistance of Wildfowl Trust staff and facilities PDF

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