Wildfowl 27

Table of Contents

Front Matter

Front matter PDF


The White-winged Wood Duck PDF
M J S Mackenzie, Janet Kear 5-17
Diurnal activities of Green-winged Teal and Pintail wintering in Louisiana PDF
Alain Tamisier 19-32
Activity patterns, vocalizations, and site selection in nesting Blue-winged Teal PDF
Karen J Miller 33-43
Ecology and behaviour of steamer ducks PDF
Milton W Weller 45-53
The Brent Geese of France, with special reference to the Golfe du Morbihan PDF
Roger Maheo 55-62
The numbers of Pink-footed and Greylag Geese wintering in Britain: observations 1969-1975 and predictions 1976-1980 PDF
M A Ogilvie, H Boyd 63-76
Structure and dynamics of a Mute Swan population PDF
David Jenkins, Ian Newton, Colin Brown 77-82
Winter distribution and habitat requirements of Wigeon in Britain PDF
Myrfyn Owen, Gwyn Williams 83-90
Sex-ratios of Swedish Mallard during the non-breeding season PDF
Leif Nilsson 91-94
Agonistic behaviour of breeding Pink-footed Geese with reference to Ryder's hypotheses PDF
I R Inglis 95-100
A function of the pairbond in the Common Eider PDF
Ruth E Ashcroft 101-106
Factors affecting laying date in the Common Eider PDF
E B Spurr, H Milne 107-110
Clutch sizes of the Spectacled Eider on the Yukon-Kuskokwim Delta, Alaska PDF
Christian P Dau 111-114
Body weights and carcass composition of the Common Eider PDF
H Milne 115-122
Weight changes and wing moult in the Red-billed Teal PDF
R J Douthwaite 123-128
Botulism in waterfowl PDF
G R Smith 129-138


The role of social behaviour in limiting the size of wildfowl populations and their output of young PDF
I J Patterson 140-141
Some factors affecting egg production in waterfowl populations PDF
H Milne 141-142
Factors affecting the distribution of geese in the British Isles PDF
Myrfyn Owen 143-147
Habitat usage of wintering ducks at the Ouse Washes, England PDF
Gareth Thomas 148-151
Responses of wintering Brent Geese to human disturbance PDF
N W Owens 152-152
The Amey Roadstone---Game Conservancy Wildfowl Project PDF
M Street 152-152
Geese, nutrition and farmland PDF
Austin Reed 153-155
A study of the winter movements of the Dark-bellied Brent Goose PDF
A K M St Joseph 156-156
Predicting how many wintering waterfowl an area can support PDF
J D Goss-Custard, K Charman 157-158
The behaviour of the Pink-footed Goose on its Icelandic breeding grounds PDF
I R Inglis, J Lazarus, B N Shephard 159-159
Flocking and vigilance in geese PDF
Richard Wells 159-159
The feeding behaviour and food of the Shelduck on the Ythan Estuary, Aberdeenshire PDF
N Buxton 160-160
Survival and causes of mortality in Eider ducklings on the Ythan Estuary, Aberdeenshire PDF
V Mendenhall 160-161

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