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The Wildfowl Trust Fifteenth Annual Report A nesting study of Mallard in Berkeley New Decoy, Slimbridge Abstract   PDF
M A Ogilvie
Wildfowl 29 A note on the food consumption of the Red-breasted Merganser Abstract   PDF
K M Atkinson, D P Hewitt
Wildfowl 31 A possible advantage for the 'Polish' morph of the Mute Swan Abstract   PDF
P J Bacon
The Wildfowl Trust Fifteenth Annual Report A preliminary study of the breeding biology of Ross's Goose Abstract   PDF
John P Ryder
Wildfowl 19 A preliminary study of the feeding of the Greenland white-fronted goose Anser albifrons flavirostris in Cardiganshire Abstract   PDF
D F W Pollard, P Walters-Davies
The Wildfowl Trust Eighteenth Annual Report A preliminary study of the Mute Swan, Cygnus olor Abstract   PDF
C M Perrins, C M Reynolds
Wildfowl 40 A progress report of the project to develop a vaccine against avian tuberculosis in wildfowl Abstract   PDF
Ruth L Cromie, John L Stanford, Martin J Brown, David J Price
Wildfowl 41 A progress report on Nene Branta sandvicensis in Hawaii Volcanoes National Park from 1974-89 Abstract   PDF
Howard M Hoshide, A Julie Price, Lawrence Katahira
Wildfowl 51 A quantitative model of the distribution of Mute Swans wintering in Danish waters Abstract   PDF
Bjørn Molt Petersen
The Wildfowl Trust Twelfth Annual Report A rare water-beetle found by a Mallard Abstract   PDF
P J S Olney
Wildfowl 28 A report on the White-winged Wood Duck in southern Sumatra Abstract   PDF
D A Holmes
Wildfowl 32 A review of Bufflehead sex and age criteria with notes on weights Abstract   PDF
Charles J Henny, Bette J Carter, Bette J Carter
Wildfowl 40 A review of lead poisoning among the River Thames Mute Swan Cygnus olor population Abstract   PDF
Jane Sears
Wildfowl 36 A review of Soviet research on the Lesser Snow Goose on Wrangel Island, U.S.S.R.. R Abstract   PDF
M A Bousfield, Ye V Syroechkovskiy
Wildfowl 35 A simple device for determination of incubation stages in eggs Abstract   PDF
Aad G van Paassen, Dick H Veldman, Albert J Beintema
The Wildfowl Trust Eleventh Annual Report A spring visit to Denmark Abstract   PDF
P J K Burton
The Wildfowl Trust Seventeenth Annual Report A study of certain Aythya hybrids Abstract   PDF
Eric Gillham, Jeffery G Harrison, Jeffery G Harrison
Wildfowl 32 A study of the Abbotsbury Mute Swans Abstract   PDF
C M Perrins, M A Ogilvie
Wildfowl 45 A study of the breeding Mute Swans Cygnus olor at Abbotsbury Abstract   PDF
C M Perrins, R H McCleery, M A Ogilvie
Wildfowl 51 A study of the impact of human disturbance on Wigeon Anas penelope and Brent Geese Branta bernicla hrota on an Irish sea loch Abstract   PDF
Réamann G Mathers, Sally Watson, Richard Stone, William I Montgomery
Wildfowl 27 A study of the winter movements of the Dark-bellied Brent Goose Abstract   PDF
A K M St Joseph
The Wildfowl Trust Eighteenth Annual Report A survey of the ducks breeding at Loch Leven in 1966 Abstract   PDF
H Boyd, C R G Campbell
The Wildfowl Trust Eleventh Annual Report A technique for removing wildfowl viscera for research Abstract   PDF
Jeffery G Harrison
Wildfowl 19 A trial to investigate the reactions of sheep to goose droppings on grass Abstract   PDF
J B A Rochard, Janet Kear
Wildfowl 47 A view from above Abstract   PDF
Hugh Boyd
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