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The Wildfowl Trust Fifteenth Annual Report A nesting study of Mallard in Berkeley New Decoy, Slimbridge Abstract   PDF
M A Ogilvie
Wildfowl 73 A next-generation sequencing study of arthropods in the diet of Laysan Teal Anas laysanensis Abstract   PDF
Wieteke A. Holthuijzen, Carmen C. Antaky, Elizabeth N. Flint, Jonathan H. Plissner, Coral A. Wolf, Holly P. Jones
Wildfowl 29 A note on the food consumption of the Red-breasted Merganser Abstract   PDF
K M Atkinson, D P Hewitt
Wildfowl 31 A possible advantage for the 'Polish' morph of the Mute Swan Abstract   PDF
P J Bacon
The Wildfowl Trust Fifteenth Annual Report A preliminary study of the breeding biology of Ross's Goose Abstract   PDF
John P Ryder
Wildfowl 19 A preliminary study of the feeding of the Greenland white-fronted goose Anser albifrons flavirostris in Cardiganshire Abstract   PDF
D F W Pollard, P Walters-Davies
The Wildfowl Trust Eighteenth Annual Report A preliminary study of the Mute Swan, Cygnus olor Abstract   PDF
C M Perrins, C M Reynolds
Wildfowl 40 A progress report of the project to develop a vaccine against avian tuberculosis in wildfowl Abstract   PDF
Ruth L Cromie, John L Stanford, Martin J Brown, David J Price
Wildfowl 41 A progress report on Nene Branta sandvicensis in Hawaii Volcanoes National Park from 1974-89 Abstract   PDF
Howard M Hoshide, A Julie Price, Lawrence Katahira
Wildfowl 51 A quantitative model of the distribution of Mute Swans wintering in Danish waters Abstract   PDF
Bjørn Molt Petersen
The Wildfowl Trust Twelfth Annual Report A rare water-beetle found by a Mallard Abstract   PDF
P J S Olney
Wildfowl 28 A report on the White-winged Wood Duck in southern Sumatra Abstract   PDF
D A Holmes
Wildfowl 32 A review of Bufflehead sex and age criteria with notes on weights Abstract   PDF
Charles J Henny, Bette J Carter, Bette J Carter
Wildfowl 40 A review of lead poisoning among the River Thames Mute Swan Cygnus olor population Abstract   PDF
Jane Sears
Wildfowl 36 A review of Soviet research on the Lesser Snow Goose on Wrangel Island, U.S.S.R.. R Abstract   PDF
M A Bousfield, Ye V Syroechkovskiy
Wildfowl 35 A simple device for determination of incubation stages in eggs Abstract   PDF
Aad G van Paassen, Dick H Veldman, Albert J Beintema
The Wildfowl Trust Eleventh Annual Report A spring visit to Denmark Abstract   PDF
P J K Burton
The Wildfowl Trust Seventeenth Annual Report A study of certain Aythya hybrids Abstract   PDF
Eric Gillham, Jeffery G Harrison, Jeffery G Harrison
Wildfowl 32 A study of the Abbotsbury Mute Swans Abstract   PDF
C M Perrins, M A Ogilvie
Wildfowl 45 A study of the breeding Mute Swans Cygnus olor at Abbotsbury Abstract   PDF
C M Perrins, R H McCleery, M A Ogilvie
Wildfowl 51 A study of the impact of human disturbance on Wigeon Anas penelope and Brent Geese Branta bernicla hrota on an Irish sea loch Abstract   PDF
Réamann G Mathers, Sally Watson, Richard Stone, William I Montgomery
Wildfowl 27 A study of the winter movements of the Dark-bellied Brent Goose Abstract   PDF
A K M St Joseph
The Wildfowl Trust Eighteenth Annual Report A survey of the ducks breeding at Loch Leven in 1966 Abstract   PDF
H Boyd, C R G Campbell
The Wildfowl Trust Eleventh Annual Report A technique for removing wildfowl viscera for research Abstract   PDF
Jeffery G Harrison
Wildfowl 19 A trial to investigate the reactions of sheep to goose droppings on grass Abstract   PDF
J B A Rochard, Janet Kear
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