Wildfowl 46

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Standard Papers

The disadvantage of late-moulting by Mute Swans Cygnus olor PDF
C M Perrins, R H McCleery 1-7
Habitat use by Whooper Swans Cygnus cygnus and Bewick's Swans Cygnus columbianus bewickii wintering in Denmark: increasing agricultural conflicts PDF
Bjarke Laubek 8-15
Moulting Greylag Geese Anser anser on the Danish island of Saltholm; numbers, phenology, status and origins PDF
A D Fox, J Kahlert, H Ettrup, L Nilsson, J P Hounisen 16-30
Daily movements and habitat use by radio-tagged Pink-footed Geese Anser brachyrhynchus wintering in northeast Scotland PDF
Jean-François Giroux, Ian J Patterson 31-44
Influence of weather conditions and other factors on the reproductive cycle of Red-breasted Geese Branta ruficollis on the Taymyr Peninsula PDF
Igor O Kostin, Johan H Mooij 45-54
A key to ageing goslings of the Hawaiian Goose Branta sandvicensis PDF
Janet M Hunter 55-58
Parasites of wild and captive Nene Branta sandvicensis in Hawaii PDF
Tom Bailey, Jeffrey Black 59-65
Anti-predator behaviour of flightless Kerguelen Pintail Anas eatoni moulting in a cave on the Kerguelen archipelago PDF
E Buffard 66-68
Campbell Island Teal Anas aucklandica nesiotis bred in captivity PDF
Jeannie Preddey 69-71
A case of polygyny in the Eurasian Wigeon Anas penelope PDF
Odd W Jacobsen, Morten Ugelvik 72-75
Wintering strategies and breeding success: hypothesis for a trade-off in some waterfowl species PDF
Alain Tamisier, Laurent Allouche, François Aubry, Olivier Dehorter 76-88
The influence of weather on catches of ducks in Steeple Decoy, Essex, in 1714-1726 PDF
Hugh Boyd 89-98
Differential migration of the sexes of Pochard Aythya ferina: results from a European survey PDF
Chris Carbone, Myrfyn Owen 99-108
Time and energy budgets of wintering Ring-necked Ducks Aythya collaris in Florida, USA PDF
Clinton W Jeske, H Franklin Percival 109-118
Guidelines for estimating the feeding performance of diving birds PDF
Chris Carbone 119-128
Comparative behaviour of sympatric moulting populations of Common Eider Somateria mollissima and King Eider S. spectabilis in central West Greenland PDF
Ole Frimer 129-139
Steller's Eiders Polysticta stelleri wintering in Europe: numbers, distribution and origin PDF
Torgeir Nygård, Bjørn Frantzen, Saulius Švažas 140-156

Progress Reports

Transition towards use of non-toxic shot in the United Kingdom PDF
Progress in Aviculture by The Wildfowl & Wetlands Trust (WWT) during 1994 PDF
Progress in bird ringing by The Wildfowl & Wetlands Trust during 1994 PDF
Wildfowl counts in the UK, 1993-94 PDF
Abdominal profiles of Icelandic Pink-footed Geese Anser brachyrhynchus in spring PDF
Bewick's and Whooper Swans Cygnus columbianus bewickii and C. cygnus: the 1994-95 season PDF

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Publications, 1994, by, or with the assitance of, The Wildfowl & Wetlands Trust staff and facilities PDF

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