The Wildfowl Trust Tenth Annual Report

Table of Contents

Front Matter

Front Matter PDF


National wildfowl counts PDF
G L Atkinson-Willes 3
Basic data from wildfowl counts PDF
G V T Matthews 2
Aerial survey techniques PDF
S K Eltringham 5
Techniques in wildfowl taxonomy PDF
G V T Matthews 6
Causes of death of birds at Slimbridge, 1955-1957 PDF
A R Jennings 4
The control of aspergillosis in bird collections PDF
J V Beer 2
Greylag Geese in Britain in winter PDF
Hugh Boyd 16
Movements of marked Sea and Diving Ducks in Europe PDF
Hugh Boyd 12
Wildfowl conservation in Denmark PDF
G V T Matthews 7
The conservation of waterbirds and their habitat in New Zealand PDF
F L Newcombe 11
Establishing Canada Geese in West Kent and their use of nesting rafts PDF
Jeffrey G Harrison, Jeffrey G Harrison 2
Brent Geese in Essex, 1957-1958 PDF
P J K Burton 2
Recent research on Brent Geese PDF
Hugh Boyd 12
What makes plumage waterproof? PDF
Eric Fabricius 9
Some observations on wild geese in Spitsbergen PDF
N G Blurton Jones, Robert Gillmor 18
Waterfowl at Cold Bay, Alaska, with notes on the display of the Black Scoter PDF
Frank McKinney 8
Wildfowl of the Hemiarctic PDF
P M Driver 3
Impressions of wildlife in Canada in the spring of 1958 PDF
S K Eltringham 7
A visit to some European zoos PDF
C N Vaisey 11
British literature on European wildfowl PDF
G V T Matthews 14
A goose-watching visit to northern Iceland PDF
Robert Gillmor, N G Blurton Jones


The Wildfowl Trust Tenth Annual Report PDF

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