The Wildfowl Trust Twelfth Annual Report

Table of Contents

Front Matter

Front Matter PDF

Progress Reports

Trust Activities 1959-60 PDF


National Wildfowl Refuges PDF
anonymous anonymous 23-25
The Wildfowlers' Association Conservation Programme PDF
J W Anderton 26-29
The importance to wildfowl of the reservoirs in England and Wales PDF
G L Atkinson-Willes 29-33
Emsland without wildfowl PDF
G L Atkinson-Willes 34-39
Recent population changes in British ducks, 1948 to 1960 PDF
S K Eltringham, G L Atkinson-Willes 40-57
Tracheal Anatomy of the Anatidae and its taxonomic significance PDF
Paul A Johnsgard 58-69
The distribution of waterfowl to St. Lawrence Island, Alaska PDF
Francis H Fay 70-80
Ecology of wild ducks in inland Australia PDF
H J Frith 81-91
Breeding biology of the Magpie Goose PDF
Paul A Johnsgard 92-103
The Brent Goose and its food supply in Essex PDF
P J K Burton 104-111
Brent Goose age-group counts, 1959-60 PDF
P J K Burton 112-115
The number of Barnacle Geese in Europe in 1959-60 PDF
Hugh Boyd 116-124
The distribution of Mallard ringed in southern England PDF
H Boyd, M A Ogilvie 125-136
Orientation experiments with Mallard PDF
G V T Matthews 137-139
The flightless period of the Mallard in England PDF
Hugh Boyd 140-143
Reported casualties to ringed ducks in the spring and summer PDF
Hugh Boyd 144-146
Voice recordings of the Anatidae PDF
Jeffery Boswall 147-150
Radioactive contamination in birds PDF
J G Harrison, J G Harrison 151-152
Small Canada Geese in the British Isles PDF
H Boyd 153-156
British literature on European Wildfowl, 1957-60 PDF
M A Ogilvie 157-162
Ducks as botanists PDF
P J S Olney 163
A curious nest site of a Mute Swan PDF
Elizabeth A Garden 163-164
Continuous musical note produced by the primaries of gliding Mute Swans PDF
Bernard King 164
A Greylay family homing on foot PDF
G L Reid 164-165
Tuberculosis in Eiders PDF
Elizabeth A Garden 165-166
Pre-dusk gathering of Goldeneye PDF
Bernard King 166
Male Teal displaying to shore roosting females PDF
Bernard King 166-167
Great Skua attacking ducks PDF
J V Morley 167
A rare water-beetle found by a Mallard PDF
P J S Olney 168-169
Eating of metal by ducks PDF
P J S Olney, J V Beer 169-170
A cheap form of semi-permanent binding for journals PDF
G V T Matthews 170-171


The Wildfowl Trust Twelfth Annual Report PDF

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