Wildfowl 32

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Front Matter

Front Matter PDF


Display behaviour and relationships of the Argentine Blue-billed Duck PDF
Paul A Johnsgard, Cristi Nordeen 5-10
A comparison of pursuit flights by six North American ducks of the genus Anas PDF
Rodger D Titman, Norman R Seymour 11-18
Effects of Coots on duck densities in Saskatchewan parkland PDF
Thomas D Nudds 19-22
Locations and success of duck nests evaluated through discriminant analysis PDF
Bradley C Livezey 23-27
Pond ecology and its influence on Mallard use in Ontario, Canada PDF
Patrick R Godin, David E Joyner 28-34
A study of the Abbotsbury Mute Swans PDF
C M Perrins, M A Ogilvie 35-47
The pre-nesting behaviour of the Greenland White-fronted Goose PDF
A D Fox, J Madsen 48-54
Time budgets of breeding Mallard in northern Sweden PDF
Cay Asplund 55-64
Activity budgets of Common Eiders in different housing environments PDF
Jacques Prescott 65-68
Field feeding by dabbling ducks around the Ouse Washes, England PDF
G J Thomas 69-78
The importance of food in the determination of the winter flock sites of the Shelduck PDF
N E Buxton 79-87
Feeding behaviour of wintering Shelduck on the Clyde Estuary PDF
D B A Thompson 88-98
The winter food and feeding habits of Shelduck in the Camargue, France PDF
John G Walmsley, Michael E Moser 99-106
Food and populations of Surf Scoters in British Columbia PDF
Kees Vermeer 106-116
A review of Bufflehead sex and age criteria with notes on weights PDF
Charles J Henny, Bette J Carter, Bette J Carter 117-122
Geographical variation in the bill patterns of Bewick's Swans PDF
D K Scott 123-128
Geographical variation in the bill patterns of Whooper Swans PDF
M A Brazil 129-131
The microstructure of avian eggshells, adaptive significance and practical implications in aviculture PDF
R G Board 132-136
The waterbirds of Lake Junin, central Peru PDF
M P Harris 137-145
Numbers and distribution of wild geese in the Netherlands, 1974-1979 PDF
Jan Rooth, Barwolt Ebbinge, Anton van Haperen, Martin Lok, Arend Timmerman, Jules Philippona, Leo van den Bergh 146-155
Diseases of perching ducks in captivity PDF
N Hillgarth, J Kear 156-162
Recent publications of IWRB PDF
Anonymous anonymous 163-168


Numbers of swans and ducks in Britain, 1976-77 to 1979-80 PDF
Numbers of geese in Britain and Ireland, 1980-1981 PDF
Ringing by the Wildfowl Trust, 1980 PDF
Wildfowl Trust avicultura! report, 1980 PDF
Publications, 1980, by or with the assistance of Wildfowl Trust staff and facilities PDF

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