The Wildfowl Trust Thirteenth Annual Report

Table of Contents

Front Matter

Front Matter PDF


Wildfowl research and conservation in Europe in 1961 PDF
Finnur Gudmundsson, Pekka Grenquist, Kai Curry-Lindhal, Knud Paludan, Holger Holgersen, Erik Kumari, M F Mrzer Bruijns, J A Eygenraam, L Lippens, J V Bateman, Francis Roux, A Schifferli, Geoffrey M Tait, A Keve 19-46
Tests of the possible social significance of 'nonsense' orientation PDF
G V T Matthews 47-52
The ringing of Barnacle Geese in Greenland in 1961 PDF
R Marris, M A Ogilvie 53-64
The movements of Shoveler ringed in Britain PDF
M A Ogilvie 65-69
First-autumn dispersal of hand-reared Mallard PDF
Hugh Boyd, Jeffery Harrison 70-74
The migrations of wild geese in France PDF
Francis Roux 74-78
The Goosander and Red-breasted Merganser in Scotland PDF
Derek Mills 79-92
Brent Goose population studies, 1960-61 PDF
P J K Burton 93-98
Wildfowl research on the White Sea Coast PDF
V N Karpovitch, N N Skokova 99-100
A gravel-pit wildfowl reserve PDF
Jeffery Harrison, Peter Olney 101-108
The waterflow in the Matsalu National Park PDF
Erik Kumari 109-117
The food-supplies of Essex Brent in the winter of 1960-61 PDF
P J K Burton 117-118
The food habits of a hand-reared Mallard population PDF
P J S Olney 119-125
Feeding habits of the Harlequin Duck PDF
W Pool 126-129
Evolutionary trends in the behaviour and morphology of the Anatidae PDF
Paul A Johnsgard 130-148
Salmonella sp and Clostridium botulinum in waterfowl and sea-birds PDF
F Steiniger 149-152

Short Notes

A yellow-legged Bewick's Swan PDF
H Shorrock 168
German-ringed geese caught at Deeping Lake PDF
D Dandridge 168
Brood-sizes of ducks in north Iceland, July 1961 PDF
J Arnold Benington 169
Gadwall diving and submerging PDF
Bernard King 170
Courtship-feeding in the Red-crested Pochard PDF
E J M Buxton 170
Copulation and display of the Red-breasted Merganser PDF
Bryan L Sage 171
Raw meat as a food for Mute Swans PDF
Bernard King 171
Mallard taking fish PDF
Jeffery Harrison 171-172
Red-crested Pochard taking food from a Carp PDF
Jeffery Harrison 172
Goosanders and other waterfowl 'parasitised' by Black-headed Gulls PDF
Jeffery Harrison 172-173
The pre-nuptial display of the Shoveler PDF
John Hori 173-174


The Wildfowl Trust Thirteenth Annual Report - part 1 PDF
The Wildfowl Trust Thirteenth Annual Report - part 2 PDF
The Wildfowl Trust Thirteenth Annual Report - part 3 PDF

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