Wildfowl 24

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Environmental stress on the Whistling Swan PDF
William W H Gunn 5-7
A continental study of Whistling Swans using neck collars PDF
William J L Sladen 8-14
The use of small airplanes to gather swan data in Alaska PDF
James G King 15-20
Population structure and productivity of Whistling Swans on the Yukon Delta, Alaska PDF
Calvin J Lensink 21-26
Trumpeter Swan management PDF
Henry A Hansen 27-32
Hyko: winter habitat of wild swans at Suibara PDF
Rose Lesser 33-42
A moulting population of non-breeding Mute Swans with special reference to flight-feather moult, feeding ecology and habitat selection PDF
Sven Mathiasson 43-53
Mortality of the Black Swan in New Zealand---A progress report PDF
Murray Williams 54-55
Lead shot in Bewick's Swans PDF
Mary E Evans, N A Wood, Janet Kear 56-60
Leucistic Bewick's Swans PDF
Mary E Evans, Tom Lebret 61-62
Censuses of Anatidae in the central delta of the Niger and the Senegal delta---January 1972 PDF
Francis Roux 63-80
Fluctuations in the numbers of wildfowl on an equatorial hippo wallow PDF
S K Eltringham 81-87
Waterfowl in north-east Asia PDF
A A Kistchinski 88-102
A cosmopolitan duck moulting resort; Takslesluk Lake Alaska PDF
James G King 103-110
Behaviour and distribution of wild geese in south-east Scotland PDF
I Newton, V M Thom, W Brotherston 111-122
The management of grassland areas for wintering geese PDF
Myrfyn Owen 123-130
The manurial effect of Cape Barren Goose droppings PDF
Richard W Marriott 131-134
Studies of shorebirds at Lindisfarne, Northumberland. 1. Feeding ecology and behaviour of the Bar-tailed Godwit PDF
P C Smith, P R Evans 135-140
The systematic status of the Cape Barren Goose as judged by its photo-responses PDF
J Kear, R K Murton 141-143
Proximate and ultimate determinants of clutch size in Anatidae PDF
Paul A Johnsgard 144-149
Platform-building by male and female Ruddy Ducks PDF
W Roy Siegfried 150-153
Icelandic eiders---a few observations PDF
Ralph S Palmer 154-157
Maternal nesting behaviour by male Mallards PDF
Charles Dane, Willard Steffen, Patrick Caldwell 158-161

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