Wildfowl 26

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Foraging routines and estimated daily food intake in Barnacle Geese wintering in the northern Netherlands PDF
Barwolt Ebbinge, Kees Canters, Rudolf Drent 5-19
Feeding distribution and behaviour of Shelduck in relation to food supply PDF
D M Bryant, J Leng 20-30
The ecology and mortality of swans at the Ouse Washes, England PDF
Myrfyn Owen, C J Cadbury 31-42
Ingested lead pellets in waterfowl at the Ouse Washes, England, 1968-73 PDF
G J Thomas 43-48
Further cases of poisoning of wild geese by an organophosphorus winter wheat seed treatment PDF
G A Hamilton, P I Stanley 49-54
Diving by wintering puddle ducks PDF
Andr Bourget, Gilles Chapdelaine 55-57
Helminth-eating in grebes PDF
K E L Simmons 58-63
Studies of shorebirds at Lindisfarne, Northumberland. 2. Fat and pectoral muscle as indicators of body condition in the Bar-tailed Godwit PDF
P R Evans, P C Smith 64-76
A method of sexing Moorhens PDF
A Anderson 77-82
Breeding of Ducks at Loch Leven, Kinross PDF
I Newton, C R G Campbell 83-103
Salvadori's Duck of New Guinea PDF
J Kear 104-112
The Musk Duck PDF
M A Ogilvie 113
The significance of territory size in colonial nesting geese---an hypothesis PDF
John P Ryder 114-116
Breeding behaviour of captive Bewick's Swans PDF
Mary E Evans 117-130
Observations of Pink-footed and Barnacle Geese in the Kong Oscar Fjord region of north-east Greenland, 1974 PDF
P N Ferns, G H Green 131-138
Greenland Barnacle Geese in the British Isles PDF
M A Ogilvie, H Boyd 139-147
Populations of swans at the Ouse Washes, England PDF
C J Cadbury 148-159
Heiligenhafen and the Wetland Convention PDF
G V T Matthews 160-163

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