Wildfowl 28

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Responses of wintering Brent Geese to human disturbance PDF
N W Owens 10
Goose flocks and food finding: field experiments with Barnacle Geese in winter PDF
R Drent, P Swierstra 6
Discrimination between grass species and nitrogen-fertilized vegetation by young Barnacle Geese PDF
Myrfyn Owen, Martin Nugent, Nicola Davies 6
The numbers of Canada Geese in Britain, 1976 PDF
M A Ogilvie 8
The mortality of Yorkshire Canada Geese PDF
C Barry Thomas 13
Populations, biomass and food habits of ducks on the Fraser Delta intertidal area, British Columbia PDF
Kees Vermeer, Colin D Levings 12
A report on the White-winged Wood Duck in southern Sumatra PDF
D A Holmes 4
Seasonal movements and distribution of the Spectacled Eider PDF
C P Dau, S A Kistchinski 11
Local variations in the proportion of adult males in flocks of Goldeneye wintering in the Firth of Forth PDF
L H Campbell 4
Goldeneye feeding close to sewer outfalls in winter PDF
L H Campbell, H Milne 5
Time budgets of Mandarin Ducks under semi-natural conditions PDF
Richard L Bruggers, William B Jackson 7
Preliminary observations on the nesting of Barnacle Geese in Spitsbergen PDF
John Dittami, Charles Thomforde, Scott Kennedy 7
Breeding behaviour of wild Whistling Swans PDF
Dafila Scott 6
Notes on the breeding behaviour of captive Whistling Swans PDF
Mary E Evans 6
The food of Mallard ducklings in a wet gravel quarry, and its relation to duckling survival PDF
Michael Street 13
Notes on behaviour of Ruddy Ducks during the brood period PDF
W Roy Siegfried 3
Seasonal emergence of chironomids in relation to egglaying and hatching of ducks in a restored lake (northern Sweden) PDF
Kjell Danell, Kjells Sjöberg 7
Grit in waterfowl at the Ouse Washes, England PDF
G J Thomas, Myrfyn Owen, Penny Richards 3
Plumages and primary moult in Lesser Flamingos PDF
L Sileo, C H Tuite, J B D Hopcraft 4
Leech parasitism of waterfowl in North America PDF
David L Trauger, James C Bartonek 10
Recognizing individual Bewick's Swans by bill pattern PDF
Mary E Evans 6
A laboratory study of individual recognition using Bewick's Swan bill patterns PDF
John Brown, Vivien Lewis 4

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