Wildfowl 39

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Front Matter

Front Matter PDF


New observations on the Brazilian Merganser PDF
Wolf Bartmann 7-14
Sex and plumage-type ratios of the Lesser Magellan Goose in southern Chile PDF
W R Siegfried, P A R Hockey, P G Ryan, A L Bosman 15-21
Population size and feeding behaviour of Andean Geese at Lake Junin, Per PDF
Ronald W Summers, Gonzalo Castro 22-28
Notes on the foraging behaviour of Magellanic Flightless Steamer Ducks and Flying Steamer Ducks PDF
P G Ryan, A L Bosman, P A R Hockey 29-33
Diet and behaviour of young American Coots PDF
E A Driver 34-42
Feeding behaviour of wintering Pink-footed and Greylag Geese in north-east Scotland PDF
M V Bell 43-53
Seasonal changes in habitat use of White-fronted Geese near Antwerp, Belgium PDF
Tom J Ysebaert, Patrick M Meire, Andr A Dhondt 54-62
Disturbance and flock size changes in Greenland Whitefronted Geese wintering in Ireland PDF
D W Norriss, H J Wilson 63-70
Numbers and distribution of White-fronted and Pink-footed Geese in Flanders (Belgium), 1981-87 in a North West European context PDF
Patrick M Meire, Eckhart Kuijken, Koen Devos 71-81
Distribution and numbers of moulting non-breeding Greylag Geese in Norway PDF
Arne Follestad, Torgeir Nygård, Nils Røv, Bjørn Harald Larsen 82-87
Staging and wintering goose populations in South Sweden 1977-78 to 1986-87 PDF
Leif Nilsson 88-97
Weight changes and reproduction in female Blue-billed and Musk Ducks, compared with North American Ruddy Ducks PDF
S V Briggs 98-101
Territorial behaviour, forced copulations and mixed reproductive strategy in ducks PDF
Gilles Gauthier 102-114
Cavity nesting waterfowl in Minnesota PDF
Michael C Zicus, Steven K Hennes 115-123
Nest insulation and incubation constancy of arctic geese PDF
Steven C Thompson, Dennis G Raveling 124-132
On renesting in semi-captive Barnacle Geese PDF
Carl Mitchell, Jeffrey M Black, Myrfyn Owen, John West 133-136
The relationship between nesting chronology and vulnerability to hunting of dabbling ducks PDF
Robert G Clark, Lawson G Sugden, R Kent Brace, Daniel J Nieman 137-144
Migration and seasonal distribution of Gadwall from Britain and Ireland: a preliminary assessment PDF
A D Fox, Carl Mitchell 145-152
Bill patterns of the Whooper Swan in Finland during autumn migration PDF
Arvo Ohtonen 153-154
A late summer survey of Britain's wildfowl PDF
D G Salmon 155-163
Numbers and distribution of wintering waterfowl in Norway PDF
Torgeir Nygård, Bjorn Harald Larsen, Arne Follestad, Karl-Birger Strann 164-176


Wildfowl Counts in the U.K. PDF
Ringing by the Wildfowl Trust, 1987 PDF
Wildfowl Trust Avicultural Report, 1987 PDF
Publications in WILDFOWL 1948-1987 PDF
Publications, 1987, by, or with the assistance of Wildfowl Trust Staff and facilities. PDF

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