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Wildfowl 51 Determining and testing the accuracy of incubation stage of Ruddy Duck eggs by floatation Abstract   PDF
Robert B Brua, Karen L Machin
The Wildfowl Trust Eighth Annual Report Development of the Trust's programme of scientific research Abstract   PDF
G V T Matthews
Wildfowl 67 Diagnosing the decline of the Greenland White-fronted Goose Anser albifrons flavirostris using population and individual level techniques Abstract   PDF
Mitch D. Weegman, Anthony D. Fox, Geoff M. Hilton, David J. Hodgson, Alyn J. Walsh, Larry R. Griffin, Stuart Bearhop
Wildfowl 39 Diet and behaviour of young American Coots Abstract   PDF
E A Driver
Wildfowl 68 Diet and feeding selectivity of the Andean Flamingo Phoenicoparrus andinus and Chilean Flamingo Phoenicopterus chilensis in lowland wintering areas Abstract   PDF
Wanda M. Polla, Vanesa Di Pasquale, María C. Rasuk, Ignacio Barberis, Marcelo Romano, Ramiro A. Manzo, Juan C. Paggi, María E. Farías, Manuel Contreras, Melina Devercelli
Wildfowl 54 Diet and habitat use of scoters Melanita in the Western Palearctic - a brief overview. Abstract   PDF
A D Fox
Wildfowl 36 Diet and size of the digestive organs of Spur-winged Geese Abstract   PDF
S A Halse
Wildfowl 57 Diet of non-breeding wildfowl Anatidae and Coot Fulica atra on the Perthois gravel pits, northeast France Abstract   PDF
Jean-Baptiste Mouronval, Matthieu Guillemain, Aurelien Canny, Frederik Poirier
Wildfowl 67 Differential flight responses of spring staging Teal Anas crecca and Wigeon A. penelope to human versus natural disturbance Abstract   PDF
Thomas Bregnballe, Charlotte Speich, Anders Horsten, Anthony D. Fox
Wildfowl 73 Differential mapping of ringed bird distributions from live resightings versus dead recoveries: an illustration using Eurasian Teal Anas crecca Abstract   PDF
Matthieu Guillemain, Betty Plaquin, Adrien Tableau
Wildfowl 22 Differential migration of the sexes and other aspects of the recovery overseas of mallard ringed at Borough Fen Decoy, Northamptonshire Abstract   PDF
M A Ogilvie, W A Cook
Wildfowl 46 Differential migration of the sexes of Pochard Aythya ferina: results from a European survey Abstract   PDF
Chris Carbone, Myrfyn Owen
Wildfowl 62 Direct and indirect evidence that productivity of Snowy Plovers Charadrius nivosus varies with occurrence of a nest predator Abstract   PDF
Noah S Burrell, Mark A Colwell
Severn Wildfowl Trust Second Annual Report Director's Lectures Details   PDF
Anonymous Anonymous
Wildfowl 28 Discrimination between grass species and nitrogen-fertilized vegetation by young Barnacle Geese Abstract   PDF
Myrfyn Owen, Martin Nugent, Nicola Davies
Wildfowl 32 Diseases of perching ducks in captivity Abstract   PDF
N Hillgarth, J Kear
Wildfowl 30 Diseases of seaducks in captivity Abstract   PDF
Nigella Hillgarth, Janet Kear
Wildfowl 30 Diseases of sheldgeese and shelducks in captivity Abstract   PDF
Nigella Hillgarth, Janet Kear
Wildfowl 33 Diseases of stiff-tailed ducks in captivity Abstract   PDF
Nigella Hillgarth, Janet Kear
Wildfowl 43 Diseases of swans in captivity Abstract   PDF
Martin J Brown, Emma Linton, Eileen C Rees
Wildfowl 21 Dispersal of phytoplankton by ducks Abstract   PDF
Kathleen M Atkinson
1991: Wildfowl Special Issue No. 1 Dispersion dynamics of breeding Mute Swans Cygnus olor in Northwest Germany Abstract   PDF
Erwin Rudolf Scherner
Wildfowl 32 Display behaviour and relationships of the Argentine Blue-billed Duck Abstract   PDF
Paul A Johnsgard, Cristi Nordeen
Wildfowl 36 Display inventory of the Blue Duck Abstract   PDF
Jan L Eldridge
Wildfowl 30 Display inventory of the Torrent Duck Abstract   PDF
Jan L Eldridge
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