Wildfowl 20

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Social and population studies in the Shelduck PDF
John Hori 5-22
Nesting of the Black Swan at Lake Ellesmere, New Zealand PDF
K H Miers, Murray Williams 23-32
Changes in the British-wintering population of the Pink-footed Goose from 1950 to 1975 PDF
H Boyd, M A Ogilvie 33-46
Grazing of wild geese on grasslands at Damme, Belgium PDF
Eckhart Kuyken 47-54
Potential dangers of exotic waterfowl introductions PDF
Milton W Weller 55-58
The ecology of tapeworm parasites in wildfowl PDF
R A Avery 59-68
Some notes on the Paradise Shelduck PDF
Maurice Fitzgerald 69-70
The behaviour of the White-backed Duck PDF
A Clark 71-74
Pre-dusk and nocturnal behaviour of Goldeneye, with notes on population composition PDF
S E Linsell 75-77
The proportion of yolk in the egg of the Maccoa Duck PDF
W R Siegfried 78
The status of the Canada Goose in Britain 1967-69 PDF
M A Ogilvie 79-85
Weights and measurements of Greylag Geese in Scotland PDF
G V T Matthews, C R G Campbell 86-93
The International Wildfowl Research Bureau PDF
G.V.T. Matthews, C.R.G. Campbell 94-97
The mid-winter distribution of wildfowl in Europe, northern Africa and south-west Asia, 1967 and 1968 PDF
G L Atkinson-Willes 98-111
The migration of the Goldeneye in north-west Europe PDF
Leif Nilsson 112-118
Brent Geese, mudflats and man PDF
M A Ogilvie, G V T Matthews 119-125
Comments on waterfowl habitat and management problems in Argentina PDF
Milton W Weller 126-130
Nacton Decoy and its catches PDF
G V T Matthews 131-137
Major-General C.B. Wainwright, C.B. PDF
Geoffrey V.T. Matthews 138-139
A brief guide to the Flamingos Phoenicopteridae PDF
Janet Kear 140-141
[Review of] Handbook of Waterfowl Behaviour PDF
G V T Matthews 142-142
[Review of] The Giant Canada Goose PDF
G V T Matthews 142-142
[Review of] Waterfowl in Australia PDF
G V T Matthews 142-142
[Review of] A Wealth of Wildfowl PDF
G V T Matthews 143-143
[Review of] Waterfowl: their Biology and Natural History PDF
G V T Matthews 143-143
[Review of] Handbuch de Vogel Mitteleuropas PDF
G V T Matthews 143-143
Wildfowl survey in south-west Asia: progress in 1968 PDF
Christopher Savage 144-147
Wildfowl ringing in Britain, 1968 PDF
M A Ogilvie 148
Wild Geese at the New Grounds, 1968-69 PDF
M A Ogilvie 149-151
Abberton Ringing Station, 1968 PDF
R King 149-151
Borough Fen Decoy, 1968 PDF
W A Cook 149-151
Dersingham Decoy, 1968 PDF
R Berry 149-151
Wildfowl censuses and counts PDF
M A Ogilvie, G L Atkinson-Willes, C J Beale 152-153
Loch Leven, 1968 PDF
I K Marshall, C R G Campbell 154
Geese at Loch Leven PDF
I Newton, C R G Campbell 155
Greylag Geese at Loch Druidibeg PDF
I Newton 156
Wild swans at Slimbridge, 1968-69 PDF
Dafila Scott 157
Breeding the Rosy or Caribbean Flamingo at the Wildfowl Trust, Slimbridge PDF
S T Johnstone, L P Alder 163-164


Report PDF


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