Wildfowl 30

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Display inventory of the Torrent Duck PDF
Jan L Eldridge 5-15
Territoriality in Snow Geese or the protection of parenthood--Ryder's and Inglis' hypotheses re-assessed PDF
Pierre Mineau, Fred Cooke 16-19
Territorial behaviour in breeding geese--a re-examination of Ryder's hypothesis PDF
Myrfyn Owen, Richard Wells 20-26
Pairing and breeding of Mute Swans in relation to natal area PDF
A E Coleman, C D T Minton 27-30
Quantification of the relationship between Mallard nest initiation and temperature PDF
W A Langford, E A Driver 31-34
Age-related aspects of Mallard reproduction PDF
Gary L Krapu, Harold A Doty 35-39
Renesting by the Redhead Duck PDF
W George Alliston 40-44
Nesting patterns of captive Mandarin Ducks PDF
Richard L Bruggers 45-54
Trumpeter Swan nesting behaviour PDF
James A Cooper 55-71
Weights of females Barnacle Geese during breeding PDF
C M Lessells, R M Sibly, Myrfyn Owen, S Ellis 72-74
Parental and brood behaviour of Emperor Geese in Alaska PDF
David A Frazer, Charles M Kirkpatrick 75-85
Variation in cohesion of a brood of Mute Swans PDF
R. P. de Yong, P J Bacon 86-89
Moult and moult migration of waterfowl in Estonia PDF
Erik Kumari 90-98
The moulting of Tufted Duck and Pochard on the IJsselmeer in relation to moult concentrations in Europe PDF
Reinder J. van der Wal, Piet J Zomerdijk 99-108
Moulting Eiders in Orkney and Shetland PDF
P Hope Jones, P K Kinnear 109-113
The weights of some southern African Anatidae PDF
W R J Dean, David M Skead 114-117
Population composition, and return according to breeding status, of Bewick's Swans wintering at Slimbridge, 1963 to 1976 PDF
Mary E Evans 118-128
Variation in the production of young of swans wintering in Sweden PDF
Leif Nilsson 129-134
Diseases of seaducks in captivity PDF
Nigella Hillgarth, Janet Kear 135-141
Diseases of sheldgeese and shelducks in captivity PDF
Nigella Hillgarth, Janet Kear 142-146
Prevalence of parasitic heartworms in swans in England PDF
William S Seegar 147-150
Aerial scratching, leeches and nasal saddles in Green-winged Teal PDF
Frank McKinney, Scott Derrickson 151-153
Poisoning of Dark-bellied Brent Geese in Essex, February 1979 PDF
P I Stanley, A K M St Joseph 154
Roosting behaviour of Long-tailed Ducks in relation to possible oil pollution PDF
P Hope Jones 155-158
Wildfowl at risk, 1979 PDF
Janet Kear 159-162


Research, conservation and education PDF

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