Wildfowl 22

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Pink-footed geese of Iceland and Greenland: a population review based on an aerial survey of pjrsrver in June, 1970 PDF
R H Kerbes, M A Ogilvie, H Boyd 5-17
Distribution and breeding biology of the lesser snow goose in central Arctic Canada PDF
John P Ryder 18-28
Biological notes on the emperor goose in north-east Siberia PDF
A A Kistchinski 29-34
Passage of the barnacle goose through the Baltic area PDF
Erik Kumari 35-43
The Auckland Island flightless teal PDF
Dafila Scott 44-45
Observations on sound production in the Anatidae PDF
Paul A Johnsgard 46-59
Parental carrying of young by goosanders PDF
Anthony J Erskine 60
Pre-dusk rafting flights of wintering goldeneyes and other diving ducks in the Province of Quebec PDF
Austin Reed 61
The numerical distribution of some British breeding PDF
Barbara Yarker, G L Atkinson-Willes 63-70
Mute Swan flocks PDF
C D T Minton 71-88
Differential migration of the sexes and other aspects of the recovery overseas of mallard ringed at Borough Fen Decoy, Northamptonshire PDF
M A Ogilvie, W A Cook 89-97
Further experiments in dispersal of phytoplankton by birds PDF
Kathleen M Atkinson 98-99
Food and feeding habits of the common eider at Seafield, Edinburgh, in winter PDF
P V Player 100-106
Goose feeding and cellulose digestion PDF
John G Mattocks 107-113
On the autumn food of Barnacle Geese at Caerlaverock National Nature Reserve PDF
Myrfyn Owen, R H Kerbes 114-119
The Whooper Swans of Hyoko PDF
Anonymous Anonymous 120-121
International conference on the conservation of wetlands and waterfowl, Ramsar, Iran PDF
Anonymous Anonymous 122-125
A visitor survey at Slimbridge PDF
Anonymous Anonymous 126-132


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