The Wildfowl Trust Eighteenth Annual Report

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Front Matter

Front Matter PDF

Progress Reports

Annual Report PDF
C E H Sparrow 5-7
19th Annual General Meeting PDF
The collections in 1966 PDF
conservation ,education and research, 1966 PDF
Wild Geese at the New Grounds PDF
Ringing PDF
Borough Fen Decoy, 1966 PDF
Dersingham Decoy PDF
The Bewick’s Swans at Slimbridge PDF


Results of wildfowl ringing at Abberton Reservoir, Essex 1949 to 1966 PDF
C B Wainwright 28-35
A survey of the ducks breeding at Loch Leven in 1966 PDF
H Boyd, C R G Campbell 36-42
Part I. Development of the wildfowl population PDF
J M Harrison, J G Harrison, A Meikle 43-46
Part II. The feeding ecology of local Mallard and other wildfowl PDF
P J S Olney 47-54
Part III. An appraisal of the planting programme, 1959-66 PDF
D F W Pollard 55-61
Part IV. Expenditure for habitat improvement PDF
A Meikle 62-63
Population changes and mortality of the Mute Swan in Britain PDF
M A Ogilvie 64-73
A preliminary study of the Mute Swan, Cygnus olor PDF
C M Perrins, C M Reynolds 74-84
Immigrant Mute Swans in south-east England PDF
J G Harrison, M A Ogilvie 85-87
Some parameters of 'nonsense' orientation in Mallard PDF
G V T Matthews 88-97
Observations on the behaviour and relationships of the White-backed Duck and the Stiff-tailed Ducks PDF
Paul A Johnsgard 98-107
Breeding behaviour of captive Shovelers PDF
F McKinney 108-121
Experiments with young nidifugous birds on a visual cliff PDF
Janet Kear 122-124
The significance of clutch-size in waterfowl PDF
David Lack 125-128
Geese on the Hortobgy, autumn 1966 PDF
Jules Philippona, Tom Lebret 129-133
Observations on the Pink-footed Goose in central Iceland, 1966 PDF
D E Hardy 134-141
Food habits of sea ducks from the north-eastern United States PDF
F B McGilvrey 142-145
Experience in waterfowl management under the conditions prevailing in the Latvian S.S.R PDF
H Mihelsons, J Viksne, G Lejins 146-149
Wildfowl survey in south-west Asia: progress in 1966 PDF
Christopher Savage 150-152
Melanistic White-fronted and other Grey Geese PDF
Jeffery Harrison, Michael Hudson 153-154
A bigamous Greylag gander PDF
Jeffery Harrison 155
Drake Harlequin escorting its family PDF
Jeffery Harrison 155
Techniques for rapid extraction of ingested food from wildfowl viscera PDF
D F W Pollard 156-157
Comparison of techniques for the analysis of wildfowl viscera PDF
D F W Pollard 158-161


Accounts PDF


The Wildfowl Trust Eighteenth Annual Report PDF

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