Wildfowl 33

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Front Matter PDF


The absence of flightless moult in the Ruddy-headed Goose in Argentina and Chile PDF
Ronald W Summers 5-6
Some mortality patterns of Greater Magellan Geese on the Falkland Islands PDF
John Harradine 7-11
Escape behaviour of Steamer Ducks PDF
Bradley C Livezey, Philip S Humphrey 12-16
Observations on the feeding ecology and bioenergetics of the White-faced Whistling Duck in Venezuela PDF
Francisco Gomez Dallmeier, Michael Kent Rylander 17-21
Food and distribution of three Bucephala species in British Columbia waters PDF
Kees Vermeer 22-30
Population and status of Emperor Geese along the north side of the Alaska Peninsula PDF
Margaret R Petersen, Robert E, Jr Gill 31-38
Habitat ecology of Pacific Black Brant and other geese moulting near Teshekpuk Lake, Alaska PDF
Dirk V Derksen, William D Eldridge, Milton W Weller 39-57
Ecological correlates of territory and home range size in North American dabbling ducks PDF
Thomas D Nudds, Davison Ankney 58-62
Observations on the incubation and post-hatching behaviour of the Greenland White-fronted Goose PDF
David A Stroud 63-72
The status, aviculture and re-establishment of Brown Teal in New Zealand PDF
F Neil Hayes, Murray Williams 73-80
Some notes on Freckled Duck shot in Victoria, Australia, 1981 PDF
F I Norman, K C Norris 81-87
Food habits of the Freckled Duck and associated waterfowl in North-western New South Wales PDF
S V Briggs 88-93
The nesting biology of ducks in the Marismas of the Guadalquivir, south-western Spain PDF
Juan A Amat 94-104
Activity and time budget of Tufted Ducks on Swiss lakes during winter PDF
Jean-Carlo Pedroli 105-112
Inland and saltmarsh feeding of wintering Brent Geese in Essex PDF
Richard White-Robinson 113-118
The effect of photoperiod on the timing of spring migration in the Bewick's Swan PDF
Eileen C Rees 119-132
Causes of mortality among whistling ducks in captivity PDF
Nigella Hillgarth, Janet Kear 133-139
Diseases of stiff-tailed ducks in captivity PDF
Nigella Hillgarth, Janet Kear 140-144
'Nonsense' orientation of Pintail, Wigeon and Mallard from Nacton, Suffolk PDF
G V T Matthews, D L Revett 145-150
The abundance and distribution of intertidal invertebrates, and an estimation of their selection by Shelduck PDF
D B A Thompson 151-158
Clutch parasitism and nesting interference between Shelducks at Aberlady Bay PDF
M W Pienkowski, P R Evans 159-163
Leech parasitism of waterfowl in the British Isles PDF
J M Elliott, P A Tullett 164-170


Numbers of swans and ducks in Britain, 1980-1981 PDF
Numbers of geese in Britain and Ireland, 1981-1982 PDF
Ringing by the Wildfowl Trust, 1981 PDF
Wildfowl Trust avicultura! report, 1981 PDF
Publications, 1981, by or with the assistance of W ildfowl Trust staff and facilities PDF

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