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1991: Wildfowl Special Issue No. 1 Winter distribution of Tundra Swans Cygnus columbianus breeding in Alaska and Western Canadian Arctic Abstract   PDF
Roland J Limpert, William J L Sladen, Hubert A Allen, Jr
Wildfowl 57 Winter distribution of Whooper Swans Cygnus cygnus ringed in four geographically discrete regions in Iceland between 1988 and 2006: an update Abstract   PDF
Julia Newth, Kendrew Colhoun, Olafur Einarsson, Graham McElwaine, Sverrir Thorstensen, Richard Hesketh, Aevar Petersen, Jim Wells, Eileen Rees
The Wildfowl Trust Fourteenth Annual Report Winter feeding behaviour of Red-crested Pochards Abstract   PDF
Bernard King, Robin Prytherch
Wildfowl 35 Winter feeding of the Crane in cereal farmland at Gallocanta, Spain Abstract   PDF
Juan C Alonso, Juan C Alonso, Jos Veiga
Wildfowl 49 Winter habitat use by Black-necked Cranes Grus nigricollis in Tibet Abstract   PDF
Mary A Bishop, Canjue Zhouma, Song Yanling, Jim Harkness, Gu Binyuan
Wildfowl 31 Winter seaducks in the Moray and Dornoch Firths, Scotland Abstract   PDF
Greg P Mudge, Dave S Allen
Wildfowl 49 Winter segregation and timing of pair formation in Red-breasted Merganser Mergus serrator Abstract   PDF
Johnny Kahlert, Malcolm Coupe, Fred Cooke
Wildfowl 21 Winter wildfowl counts in south-east Europe and western Turkey Abstract   PDF
Alan Johnson, Heinz Hafner
Wildfowl 31 Wintering diving duck populations and available food resources in the Baltic Abstract   PDF
Leif Nilsson
2009: Wildfowl Special Issue No. 2 Wintering ducks in the Czech Republic: changes in their population trends and distribution Abstract   PDF
Zuzana Musilová, Petr Musil, Simona Poláková, Roman Fuchs
Wildfowl 48 Wintering Ruffs Philomachus pugnax are not pest of Rice Oryza spp. in Nigeria's Sahelian Wetlands Abstract   PDF
Augustine U Ezealor, Robert H Giles, Jr
Wildfowl 46 Wintering strategies and breeding success: hypothesis for a trade-off in some waterfowl species Abstract   PDF
Alain Tamisier, Laurent Allouche, François Aubry, Olivier Dehorter
Wildfowl 64 Within and between year phenology of calling Spotted Crakes Porzana porzana in Denmark Abstract   PDF
Anthony D. Fox, Jørgen P. Kjeldsen, Mark Desholm, Palle A.F. Rasmussen, Thorsten J.S. Balsby, Henning Heldbjerg
Wildfowl 42 WWT publications 1990 Abstract   PDF
Anonymous Anonymous
2013: Wildfowl Special Issue No. 3 Year-round itinerary of a GPS-tracked Brent Goose Branta b. bernicla that visited the Bassin d’Arcachon, France Abstract   PDF
Adriaan M. Dokter, Barwolt S. Ebbinge
Wildfowl 20 [Review of] A Wealth of Wildfowl Abstract   PDF
G V T Matthews
Wildfowl 36 [Review of] Current research on Arctic Geese: A symposium held at Voksenasen, Oslo, 24-26 October 1983 Abstract   PDF
F Mehlum, M A Ogilvie
Wildfowl 20 [Review of] Handbook of Waterfowl Behaviour Abstract   PDF
G V T Matthews
Wildfowl 20 [Review of] Handbuch de Vogel Mitteleuropas Abstract   PDF
G V T Matthews
Wildfowl 20 [Review of] The Giant Canada Goose Abstract   PDF
G V T Matthews
Wildfowl 20 [Review of] Waterfowl in Australia Abstract   PDF
G V T Matthews
Wildfowl 20 [Review of] Waterfowl: their Biology and Natural History Abstract   PDF
G V T Matthews
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