The Wildfowl Trust Fourteenth Annual Report

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Wildfowling in northern Iran PDF
Christopher Savage 17
Basic data on the protection and utilisation of wild animals in the U.S.S.R PDF
V S Pokrovsky 3
Investigation and protection of waterfowl in Czechoslovakia PDF
Karel Hudec 3
The history of potato-eating by wildfowl in Britain PDF
Janet Kear 12
The protection of crops from damage by wildfowl PDF
Janet Kear 6
The agricultural importance of wild goose droppings PDF
Janet Kear 6
Wetland wastage PDF
P J S Olney 2
Buldir Island, site of a remnant breeding population of Aleutian Canada Geese PDF
Robert D, Jr Jones 4
Brent Goose population studies, 1961-62 PDF
P J K Burton 3
The numbers of wild geese in Great Britain PDF
Hugh Boyd 7
Goose observations from Scoresby Land, 1962 PDF
A B Hall 4
The ringing of Barnacle Geese in Spitsbergen, 1962 PDF
T Larsen, M Norderhaug 6
Barnacle Geese in Ireland PDF
David Cabot 3
Ringing Whooper Swans in Iceland, 1962 PDF
Leo Kinlen 7
Measurements of White-fronted Geese wintering at Slimbridge PDF
J V Beer, H Boyd 5
Initial direction tendencies in the European Green-winged Teal PDF
G V T Matthews, J A Eygenraam, L Hoffmann 4
Three-bird flights in the Mallard PDF
John Hori 8
Wild ducks and swans at the New Grounds PDF
M A Ogilvie 5
Additional voice recordings of the Anatidae PDF
Jeffery Boswall 4
The migrations of European Redshank and Dunlin PDF
M A Ogilvie 9
Birds at Borough Fen Decoy in 1960-62 PDF
W A Cook 3
The production of offensive excreta by nesting wildfowl PDF
Janet Kear
Shooting of wild geese in cold weather PDF
John L Roxburgh
Congenital malformation of the feet in Mallard ducklings PDF
Anthony Napier
The rapid sexing of downy Anatidae by the structure of the syrinx PDF
J V Beer
The wedge-shaped yellow area on the bill of a Bewick's Swan PDF
Bernard King
Aspergillosis in an immature Bewick's Swan PDF
Bernard King
An Eastern Greylag Goose in Somerset PDF
Bernard King
Feeding association between Shovelers and Little Grebes PDF
Bernard King
Winter feeding behaviour of Red-crested Pochards PDF
Bernard King, Robin Prytherch
Pigmentation of the bones of certain Eiders PDF
Robert D, Jr Jones
Drowning in wildfowl PDF
J V Beer
Heavy mortality of Mute Swans from electrocution PDF
Jeffery Harrison
Waterfowl drowning accidentally under ice PDF
Jeffery Harrison
The taxonomy of Bean Geese PDF
Dennis Harle
Canada Goose and Great Crested Grebe sharing a nesting raft PDF
Jeffery Harrison
The calls and displays of African and Indian Pygmy Geese PDF
L P Alder
Final report of the Council on the Recreational Use of Waterworks PDF
Anonymous Anonymous
Observations on nesting Shelduck PDF
John Hori
Communal diving in turbid water by Red-breasted Mergansers PDF
Paul Hending, Bernard King, Robin Prytherch
Mallard at sea off the west coast of Ireland PDF
Stephen E Chapman
Gulls 'parasitising' ducks and other birds PDF
Bryan L Sage


The Wildfowl Trust Fourteenth Annual Report PDF

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