The Wildfowl Trust Fifteenth Annual Report

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Wildfowl and other water-birds found dead in England and Wales in January-March, 1963 PDF
Hugh Boyd 3
Effects of the cold winter of 1962-63 on birds of north coast of the Wash PDF
R E M Pilcher 3
W.A.G.B.I. hand-reared Mallard in the cold spell of 1962-63 PDF
Jeffery Harrison, John Wardell 5
Losses of Mute Swans in England in the winter of 1962-63 PDF
Hugh Boyd, Malcolm Ogilvie 4
Deaths of wild White-fronted Geese at Slimbridge in January 1963 PDF
J V Beer, H Boyd 5
The Shelduck population of the Mersey area in summer, 1957-1963 PDF
R H Allen, G E Rutter 2
Effects of a severe winter on ducks breeding in north Somerset PDF
Hugh Boyd, Bernard King 4
Wildfowl mortality in the Slimbridge collection during the winters of 1961-62 and 1962-63 PDF
John Beer 7
The numbers and behaviour of geese in the Lothians and Berwickshire PDF
William Brotherston 14
Capture of moulting Canada Geese in the Beauly Firth PDF
R H Dennis 4
Barnacle Geese caught in Dumfriesshire in February 1963 PDF
Hugh Boyd 2
Recoveries of ducks ringed in Aberdeenshire by Miss E. A. Garden PDF
Hugh Boyd 2
Wildfowl on hydro-electric reservoirs in the Scottish Highlands PDF
Derek Mills, Duncan MacIver 6
A nesting study of Mallard in Berkeley New Decoy, Slimbridge PDF
M A Ogilvie 5
Birds at Borough Fen Decoy in 1963 PDF
W A Cook 5
Duck-trapping methods PDF
Miss E A Garden 3
Shelduck trapping methods PDF
Colin Young 2
An automatic incubation recorder for wildfowl PDF
John Hori 3
Parental care in the Shelduck PDF
John Hori 4
Observations on the biology of the Spectacled Eider PDF
Paul A Johnsgard 4
Lake Rezaiyeh: a specialised summer habitat for Shelduck and Flamingos PDF
Christopher Savage 6
Winter appraisals of annual productivity in geese and other water birds PDF
John J Lynch, J R Singleton 13
A preliminary study of the breeding biology of Ross's Goose PDF
John P Ryder 11
The status of Ross's Goose in 1962-63 PDF
Charles D MacInnes 3
Extinction and the Anatidae of New Zealand PDF
G R Williams 7
Age group counts of Black Brant in Izembek Bay, Alaska PDF
Robert D, Jr Jones 2
Congenital malformation in birds bred at Slimbridge PDF
Janet Kear
Shelduck food supply in severe weather PDF
John Hori
Effects of recent hard winters on the Shelduck of the Ythan PDF
Colin Young


The Wildfowl Trust Fifteenth Annual Report PDF

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