The Wildfowl Trust Sixteenth Annual Report

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Front Matter

Front Matter PDF


Trends in the population of British wintering ducks 1961-64 PDF
G L Atkinson-Willes, J C Frith 9
Lead poisoning in the Slimbridge wildfowl collection PDF
J V Beer, P Stanley 5
Breeding success of White-fronted Geese from the Nenets National Area PDF
Hugh Boyd 7
Brent Geese in western Europe during the winters of 1962-63 and 1963-64 PDF
P J K Burton 4
Birds at Borough Fen Decoy, 1964 PDF
W A Cook 3
The assessment by grazing trial of goose damage to grass PDF
Janet Kear 2
The reaction of captive Mallard to grain treated with a commercial bird repellent PDF
Janet Kear 2
Wader ringing by the Wildfowl Trust, 1959-64 PDF
M A Ogilvie 7
Nests and eggs of Greylag Geese in Galloway PDF
J G Young 2
Organic chlorine insecticide residues in Goosanders and Red-breasted Mergansers PDF
C H Walker, D H Mills 2
Wildfowl and wildfowling in Bulgaria PDF
Nikolai Boev 7
Breeding of the Cape Barren Goose on the Anser and Glennie Islands, Victoria PDF
D F Dorward, G M Pizzey 4
The ecology and numbers of aquatic birds on the Kafue Flats, Zambia PDF
R J Dowsett, A de Vos 7
Observations on some aberrant Australian Anatidae PDF
Paul A Johnsgard 11
Returns from Steller's Eiders banded in Izembek Bay, Alaska PDF
Robert D, Jr Jones 3
The prospects for wild geese in the Netherlands PDF
T Lebret 7
Spacing and chasing in breeding ducks PDF
Frank McKinney 15
Breeding success of geese in west Spitsbergen, 1964 PDF
M Norderhaug, M A Ogilvie, R J F Taylor 5
The numbers of waterfowl in Estonia PDF
Sven Onno 5
The nesting and some other habits of Alopochen, Nettapus, Plectropterus and Sarkidiornis PDF
Captain C R S Pitman 7
White-headed Ducks in West Pakistan PDF
Christopher Savage 3
Wildfowl survey in south-west Asia: a progress report PDF
Christopher Savage 3
The geese of Wrangel Island PDF
Dr S M Uspenski 4
Shinhama - the Imperial duck decoy PDF
Peter Scott 2
The display flights of Shelduck PDF
John Hori


The Wildfowl Trust Sixteenth Annual Report PDF

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