Wildfowl 25

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On the biology of the Spectacled Eider PDF
A A Kistchinski, V E Flint 5-15
The Shelduck population of the Ythan estuary, Aberdeenshire PDF
I J Patterson, C M Young, F S Tompa 16-28
Criteria for ageing embryos of the Eider PDF
Martyn L Gorman 29-32
Brood care, pair bonds and plumage in southern African Anatini PDF
W Roy Siegfried 33-40
The survival of broods of the Egyptian Goose in Uganda PDF
S K Eltringham 41-48
Territorial behaviour of wild Shovelers at Delta, Manitoba PDF
Norman R Seymour 49-55
On the behaviour of the White-headed Duck with especial reference to breeding PDF
G V T Matthews, Mary E Evans 56-66
The development of rank order and aggressiveness in a group of juvenile Greylag Geese PDF
Britt-Marie Stahlberg 67-73
Climbing ability of ducklings of some cavity-nesting waterfowl PDF
W Roy Siegfried 74-80
Foot adaptations in four species of Whistling Duck Dendrocygna PDF
Eric G Bolen, M Kent Rylander 81-83
The behaviour of wintering Smew in southern Sweden PDF
Leif Nilsson 84-88
The number of adult Eiders in the Baltic Sea PDF
B Almkvist, Andersson, A Jogi, M K Pirkola, M Soikkeli, J Virtanen 89-94
Range expansion and population increase of the Gadwall in eastern North America PDF
Charles J Henny, Norman E Holgersen 95-101
The Wildfowl Trust expedition to Spitsbergen, 1973 PDF
E E Jackson, M A Ogilvie, M Owen 102-116
Preliminary observations on waterfowl of Western Madagascar PDF
Dafila Scott, Joanna Lubbock 117-122
Etho-ecological studies of Teal wintering in the Camargue (Rhone Delta, France) PDF
Alain Tamisier 123-133
An ecological outline of a moulting area of Teal, Vejlerne, Denmark PDF
Leo Kortegaard 134-142
The ecology of the invertebrate community of Borough Fen Decoy pond PDF
Margaret Palmer 143-148
Ten years of intensive late-winter surveys for waterfowl corpses on the north-west shore of the Wash, England PDF
R E M Pilcher, J V Beer, W A Cook 149-154
The taxonomy and relationships of the northern swans PDF
Paul A Johnsgard 155-162

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notice to contributors PDF


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