The Wildfowl Trust Ninth Annual Report

Table of Contents

Front Matter

Front Matter PDF


The first ten years of the Slimbridge collection PDF
Peter Scott 5
The breeding season 1957 PDF
S T Johnstone 5
Wild ducks at the New Grounds 1947-57 PDF
Anonymous Anonymous 7
Wildfowl counts 1956-57 PDF
G L Atkinson-Willes 2
The place of aerial surveys in British wildfowl research - The alternative methods of population study PDF
Anonymous Anonymous 2
Barnacle Geese in Western Scotland, February 1957 PDF
Hugh Boyd, John Radford 5
Food and feeding habits of wildfowl PDF
P J S Olney 4
Feeding grounds for wildfowl - The provision of feeding grounds for wildfowl on agricultural land PDF
G V T Matthews 7
The isolation of Aspergillus fumigatus from wild Pink-footed Geese in England and Scotland PDF
J V Beer 8
Parasites of the Anatidae PDF
G Lapage 2
Visceral parasites in wildfowl PDF
E J L Soulsby 2
Tuberculosis in wildfowl--Tuberculosis in a Wigeon and a Shelduck from Britain PDF
Jeffery G Harrison 2
Around the world in 103 days PDF
Peter Scott 14
Notes on Anatidae seen on the world tour PDF
Peter Scott 26
Ne-ne in Hawaii--Preliminary report on the Ne-ne in Hawaii PDF
William H Elder 6
The nesting of the Pink-eared Duck PDF
John Warham 10
The Pacific flyway - Waterfowl in the Pacific flyway of North America PDF
David B Marshall 9
Wildfowling in the U.S.A. and Britain - The importance of wildfowling in the United States and Britain - A review of National Survey of Fishing and Hunting, 1955 PDF
Hugh Boyd 5
Wildfowl conservation in the Netherlands PDF
G V T Matthews 12
Station Biologique de la Tour du Valat PDF
L Hoffmann 3
Wildfowl research in Russia - Biological foundations for the regulation of wildfowling in the central districts of the European part of the U.S.S.R PDF
V F Teplov, N N Kartashev 13
Pinkfeet in Europe - The effect of cold weather of February 1956 on the distribution of Pink-footed Geese in north-west Europe PDF
Holger Holgersen 5
Brent Geese in Essex - The proportion of first-winter birds in flocks of Brent Geese in Essex PDF
P J K Burton 5
North-east Greenland expedition 1956 PDF
James Goodhart, Thomas Wright 13
Skull pneumaticity - Skull pneumaticity in wildfowl in relation to their mode of life PDF
Dr Jeffery G. Harrison 3
The South Georgia Teal PDF
Noel Dudley
The flight of Ringed Teal PDF
Noel Dudley
Survival of Greenland White-fronted Geese PDF
Hugh Boyd


Dr R. C. Clarke PDF


The Wildfowl Trust Ninth Annual Report PDF

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