The Wildfowl Trust Eleventh Annual Report

Table of Contents

Front Matter

Front Matter PDF

Progress Reports

Report PDF
The Trust Collections PDF
Trust Research 1958-59 PDF


Aerial survey PDF
S K Eltringham 26-28
Wildfowl food research PDF
P J S Olney 29-30
Comparative behaviour of the Anatidae and its evolutionary implications PDF
Paul A Johnsgard 31-45
Experiments on the causation of the threat postures of Canada Geese PDF
N G Blurton Jones 46-52
Injury-feigning in the Anatidae PDF
Frederick V Hebard 53-54
The Pink-headed Duck PDF
Slim Ali 55-60
The B.B.C./I.U.C.N. Darwin Centenary Expedition to the British Virgin Islands, Trinidad, Panama, Ecuador and the Galapagos Islands. January-March 1959 PDF
Peter Scott 61-76
Goose-netting in the Netherlands PDF
J A Eygenraam 77-79
The Brent Goose in the Soviet Union PDF
S M Uspenski 80-93
Brent Goose population studies, 1958-59 PDF
P J K Burton 94-98
A spring visit to Denmark PDF
P J K Burton 99-102
Aerial survey of wildfowl in the Highlands of Northern Scotland in the spring of 1959 PDF
S K Eltringham, H Boyd 103-106
The Shelduck population in the Bridgwater Bay moulting area PDF
S K Eltringham, H Boyd 107-117
The numbers of ducks caught in Borough Fen Decoy, 1776-1959 PDF
W A Cook 118-122
Lead poisoning in wildfowl PDF
P J S Olney 123-134
A technique for removing wildfowl viscera for research PDF
Jeffery G Harrison 135-136
A breeding population of the Mallard PDF
Hugh Boyd, Bernard King 137-143
Duck catching in Iceland PDF
Christopher Sellick 144-149
Haemorrhage from an oesophageal diverticulum causing death in a wild Mallard PDF
Jeffery G Harrison, P J S Olney 150
Tuberculosis in a wild Pochard and remarks on the recognition of disease by predators PDF
Jeffery G Harrison, Jeffery G Harrison 152-153
Natural welds in a Mallard and a Pink-footed Goose PDF
P J S Olney 154
Mute Swans feeding on fallen Prunus blossom PDF
B King 154
Greylag Geese feeding on the stalks of dandelion PDF
B King 155
Wigeon feeding on moss PDF
B King 155
Diving behaviour of Shelducks PDF
B King 156
Large-billed Bewick's Swan in Somerset PDF
B King 156


The Wildfowl Trust Eleventh Annual Report - part 1 PDF
The Wildfowl Trust Eleventh Annual Report - part 2 PDF

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