Goose observations from Scoresby Land, 1962

A B Hall


Throughout the two months which the Oxford University East Greenland Expedition spent in the field, data on Barnacle Geese Branta leucopsis and Pink-footed Geese Anser brachyrhynchus were collected. The majority of the observations were from the Syd Kap area of southern Scoresby Land (71 21' N., 24 51' W.) as it was here that the expedition was based from 26th July until 5th September, 1962. Geese were also recorded on the north coast of Scoresby Land (72 15' N., 23 50' W.), near Mesters Vig, and near Revdal in the Schuchert valley. In September, Pink-footed Geese were observed migrating down Hurry Fjord across the mouth of Scoresbysund. These observations extend and supplement the findings of the goose-ringing expedition in Jameson Land in 1961 (Marris and Ogilvie, 1962). Details of birds other than geese seen in 1962 are not given here but can be found in a report by Hall (unpublished).

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