The ringing of Barnacle Geese in Greenland in 1961

R Marris, M A Ogilvie


A small expedition spent July and August 1961 in Jameson Land, East Greenland. The main object was the ringing of Barnacle Geese, 450 adult and 119 young Barnacle Geese were ringed, and a further 40 birds, previously ringed in the same area in 1955, were recaught. Six Pink-footed Geese were also marked. The last geese were ringed on 4th August and, though more geese were seen, including many Pinkfeet, their moult was over and none were caught. The equipment and techniques used, including coloured neck bands, are briefly described. The birds caught were sexed and weighed. Estimates were made of the total numbers of the two species of geese in the areas visited and suggestions are put forward concerning the distribution of breeding and non-breeding birds between the two major valleys. Breeding success was very poor, except in Enjornigens Dal and Fleming Dal, where fewer predators were seen than elsewhere. Notes on the status and breeding of other birds are given. A film record and a collection of plants were made.

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