Goose-netting in the Netherlands

J A Eygenraam


The aim of catching and ringing geese for scientific purposes is to trace the flyways, the breeding- and winter-areas, to study the composition of the population, --sex and age-ratios--mortality-rates, etc. A beginning was made in February 1954. Among the species ringed the White-fronted Goose takes the first place with 63% of the total; the Bean Goose follows with nearly 29%. Those two species are captured all over the country. Barnacle Goose and Pink-footed Goose make up over 7% and less than 1% respectively. They are caught only in the North and the middle of the country. The netters down in the South do not even know these species. It is evident that they have not occurred there in living memory. Pinkfeet pass through and winter in the Netherlands in greater numbers than the small quantities of ringed individuals would suggest. During the last three years a total of 154 Pinkfeet were captured by all the netters together. The Barnacle Goose is protected in our country and may only be caught for ringing.

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