Birds at Borough Fen Decoy in 1963

W A Cook


In the Fourteenth Annual Report (at pp. 150-152) an account was given of the habitats provided by Borough Fen Decoy and of the birds other than ducks which occur there. The progress of ringing in 1960-62 was also described. Counting and ringing was continued in 1963. Though these activities remain secondary to the main activity of the decoy, which is to catch ducks, they provide information which is of general interest, particularly in respect of the effects of the cold winter of 1962-63 on the small birds of the area. Seven new species were recorded for the first time in 1963: Bewick's Swan (an adult, 2nd-3rd April); Common Sandpiper and Greenshank (both irregularly during August); Nightjar (10th-18th September); Icterine Warbler (trapped and ringed 10th July); Siskin (trapped and ringed 19th October); and a Little Bunting, seen 4th-5th April.

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