Wildfowl Special Issue No. 2

Table of Contents

Front Matter

Preliminary pages PDF
Contents PDF
Editorial and letters PDF

Review Papers

Are dabbling ducks major players or merely noise in freshwater ecosystems? A European perspective, with references to population limitation and density dependence PDF
Johan Elmberg 9-23

Trends in numbers, distribution and movements

Measuring within-winter movement rates of Tufted Duck Aythya fuligula and Common Pochard A. ferina based on ring re-encounter data PDF
Fränzi R Korner-Nievergelt, Josef Hofer, Annette Sauter, Lukas Jenni 24-41
Trends in the numbers of Coot Fulica atra and wildfowl Anatidae wintering in France, and their relationship with hunting activity at wetland sites PDF
Carol Fouque, Matthieu Guilleman, Vincent Schricke 42-59
The Goosander Mergus merganser population breeding in the Alps and its connections to the rest of Europe PDF
Verena Keller 60-73
Wintering ducks in the Czech Republic: changes in their population trends and distribution PDF
Zuzana Musilová, Petr Musil, Simona Poláková, Roman Fuchs 74-85

Habitat Selection

An assessment of the importance of the Dombes region, France, for wintering wildfowl PDF
Jean-Yves Fournier, Carol Fouque, Pierre Defos du Rau 86-99
Habitat use and home range size of autumn staging radio-marked Teal Anas crecca at Ulvshale-Nyord, Denmark PDF
Thomas Bregnballe, Uffe D Andersen, Preben Clausen, Per A Kjær, Anthony D Fox 100-114
Escape distances from human pedestrians by staging waterbirds in a Danish wetland PDF
Thomas Bregnballe, KIM Aaen, A D Fox 115-130
An experimental study of numerical and behavioural responses of spring staging dabbling ducks to human pedestrian disturbance PDF
Thomas Bregnballe, Charlotte Speich, Anders Horsten, Anthony D Fox 131-142
Responses of autumn staging waterbirds to wetland restoration and water levels in a Danish river delta PDF
Thomas Bregnballe, Ole Amstrup, Mogens Bak 143-157

Feeding ecology

Kleptoparasitism as an important feeding strategy for migrating Wigeon Anas penelope PDF
Thomas Eske Holm, Preben Clausen 158-166
Intestinal response to prolonged fasting and subsequent feeding in Mallard Anas platyrhynchos PDF
Sylvie Geiger, Christel Wagner, Jean-Hervé Lignot, Yvon Le Maho, Jean-Patrice Robin 167-175

Breeding ecology

Long-term changes in duck inter-specific nest parasitism in South Bohemia, Czech Republic PDF
Petr Musil, Šárka Neužilová 176-183

Hunting and population managemen

Consequences of massive bird releases for hunting purposes: Mallard Anas platyrhynchos in the Camargue, southern France PDF
Jocelyn Champagnon, Matthieu Guillemain, Michel Gauthier-Clerc, Jean-Dominique Lebreton, Johan Elmberg 184-191
Recent trends in the number of hunters and the harvest of wildfowl in the Camargue, France: preliminary results PDF
Jean-Yves Mondain-Monval, Anthony Olivier, Aubin Le Bihan 192-201

Wildlife health

Spatial and temporal analysis of the highly pathogenic avian influenza H5N1 outbreak in the Dombes area, France, in 2006 PDF
Delphine Doctrinal, Sandrine Ruette, Jean Hars, Marc Artois, Dominique J Bicout 202-214
Avian influenza surveillance: on the usability of FTA PDF
Robert H S Kraus, Pim van Hooft, Jonas Waldenström, Neus Latorre-Margalef, Ronald C Ydenberg, Herbert H T Prins 215-223

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