Wildfowl 58

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Preliminary pages PDF
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Standard Papers

The functional use of East Dongting Lake, China, by wintering geese PDF
Anthony D Fox, Cao Lei, Mark Barter, Eileen C Rees, Richard D Hearn, Cong Pei Hao, Wang Xin, Zhang Yong, Dou Song Tao, Shao Xu Fang 3-19
Preliminary observations of diurnal feeding patterns of Swan Geese Anser cygnoides using two different habitats at Shengjin Lake, Anhui Province, China PDF
Anthony D Fox, Richard D Hearn, Lei Cao, Pei Hao Cong, Xin Wang, Yong Zhang, Song Tao Dou, Zu Fang Shao, Mark Barter, Eileen C Rees 20-30
Distribution and abundance of Minnesota-breeding Ring-necked Ducks Aythya collaris PDF
Michael C Zicus, David P Rave, John R Fieberg, John H Giudice, Robert G Wright 31-45
Influence of supplementary food on the behaviour of Greylag Geese Anser anser in an urban environment PDF
Sonja Käßmann, Friederike Woog 46-54
Effects of climate change on the breeding success of White-fronted Geese Anser albifrons flavirostris in west Greenland PDF
Hugh Boyd, Anthony D Fox 55-70
An ornithological survey of Algerian wetlands: Important Bird Areas, Ramsar sites and threatened species PDF
Boudjéma Samraoui, Farrah Samraoui 71-96

Short Communications

Swan Lake: use by migrating waterfowl of the lakes in southern Sukhbaatar, Mongolia PDF
Robert A Robertson 97-105
Egg size, weight and fresh egg density of the Scaly-sided Merganser Mergus squamatus in South Primorye, Russia PDF
Diana Solovieva, Valery Shokhrin 106-111

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