Wildfowl 53

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Standard Papers

Field choice in spring and breeding performance of Greylag Geese Anser anser in southern Sweden. PDF
L Nilsson, M Green, H Persson 7-25
Indirect estimation of the number of migratory Greylag and Pink-footed Geese shot in Britain. PDF
M Frederiksen 27-34
Spring staging areas of White-fronted Geese in West Greenland PDF
C M Glahder, A D Fox, A J Walsh 35-52
Patterns of distribution and abundance of Greater Snow Geese on Bylot Island, Nunavut, Canada 1983-1998 PDF
A. Reed, R. J. Hughes, H. Boyd 53-65
Body mass and Abdominal Profile Index in captive Hawaiian Geese PDF
U Zillich, J Black 67-77
Distribution and timing of nesting in Hawaiian Geese in relation to food phenology in scrublands. PDF
Friederike Woog 79-106
Age-related changes in the behaviour and habitat use of Mallard Anas platyrhynchos broods at artificially created lakes in southern Britain. PDF
J A Robinson, L G Culzac, N S Aldridge 107-118
Black Duck pair and brood abundance before and after wetland stabilisation. PDF
N R Seymour, L Thabane, M Lane 119-126
Musk Duck brood parasitism on Black Swans. PDF
K Kraaijeveld, R A Mulder 127-136
Advertising displays of male Musk Ducks indicate population subdivision across the Nullabor Plain of Australia. PDF
K G McCracken, P J Fullagar, E C Slater, D C Paton, A D Afton 137-154
Nesting chronology, clutch size and egg size of the Mottled Duck. PDF
W P Johnson, R S Holbrook, F C Rohwer 155-166
Status of the Baltic/Wadden Sea population of the Common Eider Somateria m. mollissima. PDF
M Desholm, T K Christensen, G Scheiffarth, M Hario, Å Andersson, B Ens, C J Camphuysen, L Nillson, C M Waltho, S-H Lorentsen, A Kuresoo, R K H Kats, D M Fleet, A D Fox 167-204
Foraging behaviour and daily time budget of Scaly-sided Merganser Mergus squamatus breeding on Iman River, Russia. PDF
D V Solovieva 205-214

Short Communications

The South Georgia Pintail Anas g. georgica in captivity: history, m anagem ent and implications for conservation PDF
A R Martin 215-224
Sexual dimorphism in Hottentot Teal Anas hottentota PDF
H G Young, R McCann 225-227

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