Wildfowl 38

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Front Matter PDF


Spring migration of Greenland White-fronted Geese through Iceland PDF
I S Francis, A D Fox 7-12
Autumn staging of Cackling Canada Geese on the Alaska Peninsula PDF
James S Sedinger, Karen S Bollinger 13-18
The significance of the Lake Neusiedl area of Austria for migrating geese PDF
Gerald Dick 19-27
Movements of Tufted Duck ringed in Britain: a preliminary assessment PDF
M A Ogilvie 28-36
Population turnover in groups of wing-moulting waterbirds: the use of a natural marker in Great Crested Grebes PDF
Theunis Piersma 37-45
The use of models to influence the grazing sites chosen by Barnacle Geese on Islay, Scotland PDF
Xian Zhu, David C Houston, Stephen Percival 46-48
Do Tufted Duck and Pochard select between differently sized mussels in a similar way? PDF
Dirk Draulans 49-54
Observations on the time budget and diving ecology of Long-tailed Ducks in Eqalungmiut Nunaat, West Greenland PDF
Peter Reynolds 55-62
Food and foraging of Coot Fulica atra on fish ponds during autumn migration PDF
Dirk Draulans, Linda Vanherck 63-69
Territoriality and time budget of breeding Coots PDF
Tobias Salath, Vincent Boy 70-76
Vigilance levels in European Wigeon - sexual differences PDF
Peter W Mayhew 77-81
Canada Goose foods: their significance to weight gain PDF
T S Coleman, D A Boag 82-88
Nutritional characteristics of grains fed to Canada Geese PDF
David E Joyner, Bruce N Jacobson, Robert D Arthur 89-93
The food habits of Greylag and Barheaded Geese in the Keoladeo National Park, India PDF
Beth A Middleton, A. G. van der Valk 94-102
Body and organ weights, and carcass composition of breeding female White-winged Scoters PDF
Patrick W Brown, Leigh H Fredrickson 103-107
Weights and measurements of wintering Tundra Swans PDF
Roland J Limpert, Hubert A, Jr Allen, William J L Sladen 108-113
Infertile eggs: a reproductive cost to female dabbling ducks inhabiting unpredictable habitats PDF
Juan A Amat 114-116
Clutches, broods, and brood care behaviour in Chestnut Teal PDF
F I Norman, F McKinney 117-126
Distribution, dispersion and regulation in a population of the Common Shelduck PDF
John Hori 127-142
Liming of acidified lakes in southwestern Sweden: short-term effects on waterbird densities PDF
Mats O G Eriksson 143-149
The use of X-ray for quantifying lead shot pellets in substrate samples PDF
H Milne, N F Ramsay 150-152
Wildfowl Counts in the British Isles PDF
D.G. Salmon 153-154
Ringing by the Wildfowl Trust, 1986 PDF
Carl Mitchell 155


Wildfowl Trust Avicultural Report, 1986 PDF
Publications, 1986, by, or with the assistance of, Wildfowl Trust staff and facilities PDF
Forty Years of Publications in WILDFOWL 1948 - 1987 PDF

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