Wildfowl 34

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Front Matter

Front Matter PDF


Winning with warts? A threat posture suggests a function for caruncles in Ross's Geese PDF
M Robert McLandress 5-9
Bigamous behaviour of captive Cape Teal PDF
Paul Stolen, Frank McKinney 10-13
Pursuit flights of Mallard and Gadwall under different environmental conditions PDF
Juan A Amat 14-19
Feeding habits of whistling ducks in the Calabozo Ricefields, Venezuela, during the non-reproductive period PDF
Iris Bruzual, Iris Bruzual 20-26
The role of fish in the selection of lakes by nonpiscivorous ducks: Mallard, Teal and Goldeneye PDF
Mats O G Eriksson 27-32
The effects on birds of land drainage improvements in the North Kent Marshes PDF
Gwyn Williams, Andrew Henderson, Lucy Goldsmith, Andrew Spreadborough 33-47
Interaction between wildfowl and recreation at Llangorse Lake and Talybont Reservoir, South Wales PDF
C H Tuite, Myrfyn Owen, David Paynter 48-63
Numbers, distribution and behaviour of Pink-footed Geese in Lancashire PDF
W D Forshaw 64-76
The numbers of Greenland Barnacle Geese in Britain and Ireland PDF
M A Ogilvie 77-88
September and January counts as a measure of changes in south Swedish Mallard populations PDF
Leif Nilsson 89-98
The number and daily activity of the Egyptian Goose in Queen Elizabeth National Park, Uganda PDF
E L Edroma, J Jumbe 99-104
Moulting eiders in eastern Scotland PDF
L H Campbell, H Milne 105-107
Wing moult, body measurements and condition indices of Spur-winged Geese PDF
S A Halse, David M Skead 108-114
Growth and moult progression of White-winged Scoter ducklings PDF
Patrick W Brown, Leigh H Fredrickson 115-119
Annual variation in the reproductive performance of Goldeneyes PDF
Sven Fredga, Hilary Dow 120-126
Probable Garganey on St. Paul and Amsterdam Islands, Indian Ocean PDF
W R P Bourne, A C F David, C Jouanin 127-129
An isolated population of small Canada Geese on Kaliktagik Island, Alaska PDF
Martha A Hatch, Martha A Hatch 130-136
Sexual differences in migration and winter quarters of ducks ringed in the Netherlands PDF
A C Perdeck, C Clason 137-143
Water vapour conductance of wildfowl eggs and incubator humidity PDF
N A French, R G Board 144-152
Mortality of the northern geese in captivity PDF
Nigella Hillgarth, Janet Kear, Katherine Horky 153-162
Numbers, age and sex of Greylag and Pink-footed Geese shot at Loch Leven National Nature Reserve, 1966-1981 PDF
Gordon Wright, Hugh Boyd 163-170


Numbers of swans and ducks in Britain, 1981 - 1982 PDF
Ringing by the Wildfowl Trust, 1982 PDF
Numbers of geese in Britain and Ireland, 1982 - 1983 PDF
Wildfowl Trust avicultura! report, 1982 PDF
Publications, 1982, by or with the assistance of Wildfowl Trust and facilities PDF

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