Wildfowl 31

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Front Matter PDF


The behaviour of Bewick's Swans at the Welney Wildfowl Refuge, Norfolk, and on the surrounding fens: a comparison PDF
D K Scott 5-18
Winter behaviour of wild Whistling Swans: a comparison with Bewick's Swans PDF
D K Scott 19-21
Mortality of Mute Swan progeny in an area of south Staffordshire PDF
A E Coleman, C D T Minton 22-28
Mute Swans on the Warwickshire Avon - a study of a decline PDF
J A Hardman, D R Cooper 29-36
Status and dynamics of a Mute Swan population near Oxford between 1976 and 1978 PDF
P J Bacon 37-50
A possible advantage for the 'Polish' morph of the Mute Swan PDF
P J Bacon 51-52
Breeding distribution and habitat selection of Red-breasted Mergansers in freshwater in western Norway PDF
Olav Råd 53-56
Duckling mortality in the Shelduck, in relation to density, aggressive interaction and weather PDF
M Makepeace, I J Patterson 57-72
The ecology of breeding waterfowl at the Ouse Washes, England PDF
G J Thomas 73-88
Moult migration of Lesser Snow Geese PDF
Kenneth F Abraham 89-93
Seasonal changes in the food supply, numbers and male plumages of Pigmy Geese on the Thamalakane river in northen Botswana PDF
R J Douthwaite 94-98
Observations of wing-feather moult and summer feeding ecology of Steller's Eiders at Nelson Lagoon, Alaska PDF
Margaret R Petersen 99-106
The migration through Europe and wintering in West Africa of Curlew Sandpipers PDF
J R Wilson, M A Czajkowski, M W Pienkowski 107-122
Winter seaducks in the Moray and Dornoch Firths, Scotland PDF
Greg P Mudge, Dave S Allen 123-130
Wintering diving duck populations and available food resources in the Baltic PDF
Leif Nilsson 131-143
The Cape Barren Goose in Victoria, Australia: management related to agriculture PDF
D F Dorward, F I Norman, S J Cowling 144-150
The habitat and dietary preferences of Dark-bellied Brent Geese and Wigeon in relation to agricultural management PDF
Gwyn Williams, Janet E Forbes 151-157
Atlantic Brant - human commensalism on eelgrass beds in New Jersey PDF
Ronald E Kirby, Holliday H, III Obrecht 158-160
The distribution, fall migration routes and survival of Ross's Geese PDF
Ross Melinchuk, John P Ryder 161-171


Numbers of geese in Britain and Ireland, 1979-1980 PDF
Ringing by the Wildfowl Trust, 1979 PDF
Wildfowl Trust avicultural report, 1979 PDF
Publications, 1979, by or with the assistance of Wildfowl Trust staff and facilities PDF

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