Wildfowl 72

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Contents and Dedication PDF
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Review Papers

The International Waterfowl (and Wetlands) Research Bureau: c. 1945–1995 PDF
David A. Stroud, Jean-Yves Pirot, Mike Smart 3-60

Standard Papers

Influence of spatial scale, sex and parental presence on rates of natal philopatry in non-migratory Canada Geese Branta canadensis PDF PDF
Michael R. Conover 61-73
Continuous behavioural monitoring reveals increased feeding time during wing moult in free-ranging Pacific Black Ducks Anas superciliosa PDF
Hui Yu, Marcel Klaassen 74-83
Movement patterns of diving ducks Aythya sp. in western Europe PDF
Adrien Tableau, Marie-Lucile Gourlay-Larour, Christophe Sorin, Jean-François Arcanger, Matthieu Guillemain, Jean-Philippe Rabatel, Thierry George, Alain Caizergues 84-97
Review of the distribution and conservation of Far Eastern Curlew Numenius madagascariensis in the River Lena and River Yana basins, East Siberia PDF
Victor G. Degtyarev 98-115
Bird diversity at the Adıyaman-Gölbaşı Lakes Important Bird Area (IBA), in southeast Turkey PDF
Gökhan Büyük, Recep Karakaş 116-131
Identification of wetlands of international importance in Porbandar, Gujarat, western India during 2015–2021 PDF
Dhaval Vargiya, Bharat Jethva, Devang Pandya 132–151

Short Communications

Distinguishing Tundra Bean Goose Anser fabalis subspecies: blind testing goose experts, using photographs taken in the field PDF
Diana Solovyeva, Tomas Aarvak, Vladimir Emelianov, Alexander Kondratiev, Inga Bysykatova-Harmey, Sergey Kharitonov, Denis Kochetkov, Maria Reutova, Sonia Rozenfeld 152-163
Internationally important stopover area for the globally-threatened Common Pochard Aythya ferina in the Volga River delta PDF
Alexander Mischenko, Olga Sukhanova, Sauliua Švažas, Natalia Meshcheriakova, Maxim Perkovskii, Vladimir Strelkov, Alexandre Czajkowski, Daiva Vaitkuvienė 164-173
Ovarian degeneration resulting in the phenotypic masculinisation of a wild female Mallard Anas platyrhynchos PDF
Philip Lavretsky, Flor Hernandez, Brian Davis 174–181

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