Wildfowl 29

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The anti-predator function of defecation on their own eggs by female Eiders PDF
P McDougall, H Milne
A breeding association between Eiders and tethered huskies in North-east Greenland PDF
Hans Meltofte
Vigilance, flock size and domain of danger size in the White-fronted Goose PDF
John Lazarus
Weights and measurements of Bewick's Swans during winter PDF
Mary E Evans, Janet Kear
Diurnal and tidal behaviour patterns of Eiders wintering at Leith PDF
L H Campbell
A note on the food consumption of the Red-breasted Merganser PDF
K M Atkinson, D P Hewitt
Comparison of the breeding of Canada and Snow Geese at Westham Island, British Columbia PDF
Kees Vermeer, Brian D Davies
Body measurements of Mallard caught in Britain PDF
Myrfyn Owen, S Montgomery
Notes on the waterfowl of Mongolia PDF
Alan Kitson
Lake selection by Goldeneye ducklings in relation to the abundance of food PDF
Mats O G Eriksson
Activity budgets of Lesser Snow Geese wintering on the Fraser River Estuary, British Columbia PDF
B A Burton, R J Hudson
The role of insects in the diet of Mallard ducklings--an experimental approach PDF
M Street
Breeding waterfowl in eutrophicated lakes in south Sweden PDF
Leif Nilsson
Territories and local movements of African Black Ducks PDF
I J Ball, P G H Frost, W R Siegfried, F McKinney
The winter grazing of saltmarsh vegetation by Dark-bellied Brent Geese PDF
K Charman, A Macey
Waterfowl at risk PDF
Janet Kear, Gwyn Williams

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