Wildfowl is an international scientific journal published annually by the Wildfowl & Wetlands Trust (WWT). It disseminates original material on the ecology, biology and conservation of wildfowl (Anseriformes) and ecologically associated birds (such as waders, rails and flamingos), and on their wetland habitats. Research and review articles related to policy development and application are welcome. Material on habitat management is also sought, particularly where this is directed to the conservation of wildfowl and other wetland birds.

Print ISSN: 0954-6324
Electronic ISSN: 2052-6458


2014: Wildfowl Special Issue No. 4

Table of Contents

Front Matter

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Guy A. Baldassarre PDF
Rick Kaminski 1


Foreword PDF
Bruce Batt 2–4


Preface PDF
Rick Kaminski, Brian Davis 5–8

Habitat Use and Selection

An introduction to habitat use and selection by waterfowl in the northern hemisphere PDF
Rick M. Kaminski, Johan Elmberg 9–16
Habitat and resource use by waterfowl in the northern hemisphere in autumn and winter PDF
J. Brian Davis, Matthieu Guillemain, Richard M. Kaminski, Céline Arzel, John M. Eadie, Eileen C. Rees 17–69
Spring migration of waterfowl in the northern hemisphere: a conservation perspective PDF
Joshua D. Stafford, Adam K. Janke, Michael J. Anteau, Aaron T. Pearse, Anthony D. Fox, Johan Elmberg, Jacob N. Straub, Michael W. Eichholz, Céline Arzel 70–85
Nest site selection by Holarctic waterfowl: a multi-level review PDF
Michael W. Eichholz, Johan Elmberg 86–130
Waterfowl habitat use and selection during the remigial moult period in the northern hemisphere PDF
Anthony D. Fox, Paul L. Flint, William L. Hohman, Jean-Pierre L. Savard 131–168

Demography, Cross-Seasonality and Integrated Population Management

Drivers of waterfowl population dynamics: from teal to swans PDF
David N. Koons, Gunnar Gunnarsson, Joel M. Schmutz, Jay J. Rotella 169–191
Conspecific brood parasitism in waterfowl and cues parasites use PDF
Hannu Pöysä, John M. Eadie, Bruce E. Lyon 192–219
The effects of harvest on waterfowl populations PDF
Evan G. Cooch, Matthieu Guillemain, G. Scott Boomer, Jean-Dominique Lebreton, James D. Nichols 220–276
Cross-seasonal effects and the dynamics of waterfowl populations PDF
James S. Sedinger, Ray T. Alisauskas 277–304
Managing harvest and habitat as integrated components PDF
Erik E. Osnas, Michael C. Runge, Brady J. Mattsson, Jane Austin, G. Scott Boomer, Robert G. Clarke, Patrick Devers, John M. Eadie, Eric V. Lonsdorf, Brian G. Tavernia 305–328

Ecology and Conservation of North American Waterfowl

Implementing the 2012 North American Waterfowl Management Plan: people conserving waterfowl and wetlands PDF
Dale D. Humburg, Michael G. Anderson 329–342
Wetland issues affecting waterfowl conservation in North America PDF
Heath M. Hagy, Scott C. Yaich, John W. Simpson, Eduardo Carrera, David A. Haukos, W. Carter Johnson, Charles R. Loesch, Fritz A. Reid, Scott E. Stephens, Ralph W. Tiner, Brett A. Werner, Gregg S. Yarris 343–367
Opportunities and challenges to waterfowl habitat conservation on private land PDF
William L. Hohman, Eric B. Lindstrom, Benjamin S. Rashford, James H. Devries 368–406
Estimating habitat carrying capacity for migrating and wintering waterfowl: considerations, pitfalls and improvements PDF
Christopher K. Williams, Bruce D. Dugger, Michael G. Brasher, John M. Coluccy, Dane M. Cramer, John M. Eadie, Matthew J. Gray, Heath M. Hagy, Mark Livolsi, Scott R. McWilliams, Mark Petrie, Gregory J. Soulliere, John M. Tirpak, Elizabeth B. Webb 407–435
Annual variation in food densities and factors affecting wetland use by waterfowl in the Mississippi Alluvial Valley PDF
Heath M. Hagy, Jacob N. Straub, Michael L. Schummer, Richard M. Kaminski 436–450
Atmospheric teleconnections and Eurasian snow cover as predictors of a weather severity index in relation to Mallard Anas platyrhynchos autumn–winter migration PDF
Michael L. Schummer, Judah Cohen, Richard M. Kaminski, Michael E. Brown, Charles L. Wax 451–469
Waterfowl populations of conservation concern: learning from diverse challenges, models and conservation strategies PDF
Jane Austin, Stuart Slattery, Robert G. Clarke 470–497
Waterfowl in Cuba: current status and distribution PDF
Pedro Blanco Rodríquez, Francisco J. Vilella, Bárbara Sánchez Oria 498–511
Assessment of the 6th North American Duck Symposium (2013): “Ecology and 512 Conservation of North American Waterfowl” PDF
Lucien P. Laborde, Richard M. Kaminski, J. Brian Davis 512–519

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