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Hughes, B

  • Wildfowl 43 - Progress Reports
    Status of the Scaly-sided Merganser Mergus squamatus in the far east of Russia
    Abstract  PDF
  • Wildfowl 45 - Standard Papers
    Rafting as an antipredator response of wintering White-headed Duck Oxyura leucocephala
    Abstract  PDF
  • Wildfowl 48 - Standard Papers
    European census of captive North American Ruddy Ducks Oxyura j. jamaicensis
    Abstract  PDF
  • Wildfowl 50 - Standard Papers
    Waterbird conflicts in Britain and Ireland: Ruddy Ducks Oxyura jamaicensis, Canada Geese Branta canadensis, and Cormorants Phalacrocorax carbo
    Abstract  PDF