Waterfowl collection at Slimbridge 1955-56 - The Breeding Season 1956

S T Johnstone


It is interesting to note that the first bird to breed at Slimbridge is the Cereopsis, which usually starts to lay at Christmas time. Whilst this species is still incubating, the Ne-Nes start laying, and from then on the crop of eggs rises to a maximum in June. For 1956 it is true to say that the water was responsible for the majority of losses. Great efforts were made during the winter of 1955-56 to re-design the method of incubating the eggs with a view to reducing the amount of work involved in feeding and exercising the broody hens and to reduce the incidence of Aspergillosis which had increased alarmingly in 1955. In spite of the weather we achieved the best figures so far for the number of birds, and indeed species, reared.

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