Numbers and distribution of Mute Swans Cygnus olor Whooper Swans C. cygnus and Bewick's Swans C. bewickii in the Black Sea area of the Ukraine, USSR

T B Ardamatskaya, A I Korzyukov


Three species of swan inhabit the Ukranian Black Sea area: Mute Swan, Whooper Swan and Bewick’s Swan. Mute Swans are most numerous and are observed throughout the year. Around 650-660 pairs of Mute Swans nest in the Ukranian Black Sea area, mainly on the Danube and Dniester deltas with a few on the Dnieper river. In 1984-88 winter populations varied between 1,435-25,400 Mute Swans and 650-1,660 Whooper Swans, numbers fluctuating with the weather. Up to 10-50 Bewick’s Swans have been seen, only during severe winters.

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