Ritualised displays and display frequencies of Andean Flamingos Phoenicoparrus andinus

Cory John Lindgren, S P C Pickering


Little information is available on the ritualised display behaviour of Andean Flamingos. Observations were made on a captive flock of 51 Andean Flamingos from 28 March to 6 May 1989 at the Wildfowl and Wetlands Trust, Slimbridge, Gloucestershire. A total of 14 ritualised displays were observed and described. The frequencies of these displays, display sequences, and their temporal variation within the day were examined. Many of these displays have not been described previously for Andean Flamingos. The Wing Flap Salute was the most common ritualised display observed followed by the Wing Leg Tail Stretches, Attempted Flights, Neck Swaying and Inverted Wing Salutes. Andean Flamingos were found to display throughout the entire day with bimodal activity peaks at 10:00 h and 16:00 h. Thirteen display sequences were observed with the Wing Flap Salute initiating the majority of display sequences. The two most common display sequences observed were a Wing Flap Salute followed by a Wing Leg Tail Stretch and a Wing Flap Salute followed by an Inverted Wing Salute. In general, Andean Flamingo ritualised displays were found to be similar to those of other flamingos, but some distinct differences were observed.

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